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    Big Game Joe with the Season in the Balance 10/11 Orioles Win 2-1 in 13 Innings. Game Five Later Today!

    Written by Michael Williams

    The 2012 Baltimore Orioles are playing a game that counts on October 11th.


    Ward thy words well, for they may seem more hasty later, than they do now.



    Nate McLouth - LF
    J.J. Hardy - SS
    Chris Davis - RF
    Adam Jones - CF
    Matt Wieters - C
    Mark Reynolds - 1B
    Jim Thome - DH
    Manny Machado - 3B
    Ryan Flaherty - 2B

    Joe Saunders - LHP (8-11, 4.09 ERA)OO [6-10, 4.22 ERA * DIAMONDBACKS] OO [2-1, 3.62 ERA * ORIOLES]

    Derek Jeter - DH
    Ichiro Suzuki - LF
    Mark Teixeira - 1B
    Robinson Cano - 2B
    Alex Rodriguez - 3B
    Nick Swisher - RF
    Russell Martin - C
    Curtis Granderson - CF
    Jayson Nix - SS

    Phil Hughes - RHP (16-13, 4.23 ERA)


    McLouth lead off with a walk, J.J. Hardy bunted for a single. Davis flied out. Jones flied out. McLouth moved to third. Matt Wieters checked a swing for ball one. Ball two. Ball three. Matt flies out to the track in center field.

    Nothing happens other than a Arod walk in the second.

    Orioles 0 Yankees 0

    Manny takes a lead off walk in the top of the third. McLouth takes ball one. He lines a double. Second and third no out. Hardy fouls off the first pitch. Ball one. He grounds to the pitcher and Machado is out on the contact play. Davis falls behind 1 and 2. And he strikes out. Jones grounds out to Cano. No runs. 

    Nix doubled and after 13 pitches and 9 consecutive fouls, Jeter struck out. So did Ichiro on far fewer pitches. Teixeira takes strike one. Joe is throwing 91 mph now. Ball. Strike two. Ball. Strike three. He struck the side out.

    Orioles 0 Yankees 0

    Wieters watches three balls. Then a strike. Ball four.  A pop out. Reynolds at the plate. One and two.  Pop out.  Flaherty hits a bullet single to righ and Weiters is on third. Two down. Ball, strike, to Manny. Ball. Loud foul. 2-2. Strike three.

    Cano pops out. Arod takes two strikes. Foul. A solid single to left. Swisher up. 1-1. Foul. 1-2. Magic toe, Double Play.

    Orioles 0 Yankees 0

    McLouth 1-2. Home Run. J.J. down 0-2. Ball. 1-2. Foul. Ball. Strike three. Davis down quickly 0-2. Three, swinging.  Jones. 1-1. 2-1. 2-2. Three. Struck out the side.

    Saunders still pitching. 3-1 on Martin. 3-2. Walk. A two run homer magically becomes a double play due to McLouth. 

    The Orioles down 1,2,3.

    Jeter doubles to lead off the bottom of the sixth. Ichiro bunt him to third. One down. Teixeira quickly down two strikes. Ball in the dirt. Jeter stays. Ball. 2-2. Ball. 3-2. Foul. Walk. Buck on the phone. Runners first and third only one away. Ground out to second. Run scores. Two down. Hunter in for Arod. 1-2. Foul. Strike Out.

    Orioles 1 Yankees 1

    Flayherty pops out. Machado strike one. Two. Ball. Strike Three. Phil Hughes leaves. Logan in. Strike one to McLouth. Ball. Foul. 1-2. Ball. Ball. 3-2. Lined out to Cano. 

    Hunter still in. One down. Dropped pop up by Flaherty. Two down. Single. Runners on first and second. Ayala in for Jeter.  Ball one. Strike. 1-1. Strike two. 1-2. Foul.  Off the high ankle. Ball. 2-2. Foul. Off the ankle again. Foul. Strike three called.

    Orioles 1 Yankees 1

    Robertson in to pitch. Hardy takes strike one. Ground out to short. Davis. Foul. Pop out. Jones up. Two down. 0-2. Ball. Strike three swinging.. Low and away. 

    Ichiro singles off of Ayala. Through his crossed legs. Teixeira at the plaate with one on and no outs. Ball. Strike. Luis throws to Reynolds to keep Susuki close. SIngle to center. Runners first and second no outs. Buck goes and gets Ayala. Brian Matusz. Cano. Ball one. Ball two. Strike one. Ball three. Ground out, runners advance. O'Day in to face Arod. Strike one swinging. Strike two swinging. Ball. Checked swing. Strike three swinging. Swisher with two down. Foul. Fly out. 

    Orioles 1 Yankees 1

    Matt grounds out. Thome singles. Ford pinch runs and is picked off. Reynolds strikes out. 

    D'Day still in. His arm is going to fall off.  God bless him.  Martin bats. Ball. Ground out to Machado. Granderson strike one. Strike two.  Ball. Checked swing. Ball. Ball. Full count. Fly out. Two down. Nix coming to the plate. Ibanez pinch hits. 1-2. Ball. 2-2. Ground out to Reynolds. Extra innings.

    Orioles 1 Yankees 1

    Soriano still in. Flaherty goes 3-2. Foul. Flies out. Machado faouls off the first pitch. Ball. 1-1. Ball. 2-1. Strike. Foul. Fly out. Swung at balls three and four. McLought grounds out.

    O'Day still pitching. Jeter grounds out. Ichiro grounds out. Two pitches. Teixeira up. Ball one. Ball two. Ball. Three. Strike one.  Walks him. Cano at the plate. Two quick strikes. 0-2. Pop out. On to the Eleventh.

    Orioles 1 Yankees 1

    Joba Chamberlain gets the Os one, two, three. 

    Pedro Strop retires Arod on a ground out. Swisher at the plate. Strike one. Ball. 97 with downward movement Fly out to McLouth. Two down. Russell Martin. Strike one. Foul. Strike two. In the dirt. Strike three. On to the Twelfth.

    Still Joba, Wieters singles. The barrel of Matt's bat hit Joba. on his pitching elbow. He leave the game. David Phelps in to pitch.  Lew Ford. Swing and a miss.  Foul. Not bunting.  Ball in the dirt. Ball in the dirt. 2-2. Ball three. Full count.  Foul. Foul. Foul. Fly out. Runner holds. Reynolds up. He is 0 for 4.  Strike one. Ball. 1-1. Ball. 2-1. Fly out to right. Andino as the final hope. Foul. Foul. 0-2. Ball. 1-2. Ball. 2-2. Strike three swinging. Strop back out. Jeter got a two out single. But Reynolds flashes the leather and the wheels and it's the thirteenth inning.

    Orioles 1 Yankees 1

    Phelps faces Machado. Doubles to the gap!  McLouth ground the first pitch to the riht side. Manny to third. One out. Hardy at the plate. Two balls. A swinging strike on ball three.  Foul. 2-2. Foul. He doubles off the wall. Manny scores. 2 to 1 Baltimore. Rapada in to face Davis. Strike one. Strike two. Ground out to Cano. Hardy to third. Lowe in for Jones. Two down. Ball one. Ball two. Strike one. Jones is 0 for 5.  0 for 6 with a tapper back to the mound. 

    Jim Johnson gets the save. One, Two Three. Redemption. And on to game five.

    Orioles WIN! 2-1 Something magic happens...

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