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    For All the Marbles 10/12 Orioles Fall 3-1

    Written by Michael Williams

    Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure... than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat. 

    Where there is unity there is always victory. 


    Nate McLouth - LF
    J.J. Hardy - SS
    Adam Jones - CF
    Chris Davis - RF
    Matt Wieters - C
    Manny Machado - 3B
    Mark Reynolds - 1B
    Lew Ford- DH
    Robert Andino - 2B

    Jason Hammel - RHP (8-6, 3.43 ERA)

    Derek Jeter - SS
    Ichiro Suzuki - LF
    Robinson Cano - 2B
    Mark Teixeira - 1B
    Raul Ibanez - DH
    Nick Swisher - RF
    Curtis Granderson - CF
    Russell Martin - C
    Eric Chavez - 3B

    C.C. Sabathia - LHP (15-6, 3.38 ERA)


    Nate McLouth lined out to center on the game's first pitch. Hardy 1-1. Fly out to right. Jones, ball one. Strike. Ball. Swinging Strike. 2-2. Ball. Strike three. 

    Jason Hammel faces a mostly left handed hitting Yankee lineup. Jeter. Strike. Strike. Ball. Ball. Ball. Strike three called. Jeter berates the Umpire. Ichiro grounds out to Andino.  Cano. 1-1. Strike two. Ball in the dirt. Foul.  Foul homer.  Grounds out to Reynolds. 

    Orioles 0 Yankees 0

    Davis grounds out weakly.  Wieters takes a ball. Strike. Foul.  Strike out.  Machado takes a strike. Foul. Strike out. 

    Teixeira starts off 1-1. Grounds to Machado shifted to short.  Ibanez. Ball. Strike. Fly out to center.  Swisher 1-1. His eye back is a kabuki face paint. He strikes out.

    Orioles 0 Yankees 0

    Reynolds takes two balls. Then a questionable strike. Then a ball. Foul. Foul. Foul.  Strike three. Lew Ford works a full count before flying out to Ichiro. Andino sees three pitches and flies out to Swisher. 

    Hammel falls behind Granderson before he flies out to Davis.  Martin up. Foul. Called strike. Fly out to center.  Eric Chavez down 0-2.  Flies to center.  

    Orioles 0 Yankees 0

    McLouth singles to break up Sabathia's perfect game.  Hardy flies out to right.  Jones flies out to center.  McLouth steals second. Davis behind in the count 1-2. Foul.  Foul.  Chris hits one to deep center. but it is caught.

    Jeter down two strikes. Foul. Jeter strikes out again. Suzuki 1-1. Foul.  Ground out to Andino. Ball. Strike. Swinging strike. Foul. Ball. Strike three called. 

    Orioles 0 Yankees 0

    Ball to Wieters. Foul. Ball. Ball. Walk.  Manny 1-1. Pop out to Cano. Reynolds GDP. 

    Teixeira 1-1. Ball. Strike. Single. He steals on Wieters. Ibanez 1-2. Ball. Ball. SIngle past diving Andino. Yankees lead.  Swisher. Double play. Granderson singles. Martin ahead 2-0. Foul. Granderson steals. 3-1.  Fly out to center. 

    Orioles 0 Yankees 1

    Two down quickly. Mclouth may have ticked the fair poul, but it is called foul. 3-2 count. Strike three. 

    Hammel at 76 pitches starting the bottom of the sixth.  Strike out of Chavez. Jeter takes a ball. A questionalble ball. 2-0.  Foul. Foul. Ball. 3-2. Walk.  Ichiro doubles and scores Jeter.  Cano ahead 2-1. Still one down. Runner on second. Orioles trail 2-0. Foul. 2-2. Called strike out. Two down.  Intentional walk of Tex. Hammel done.  Patton in to face Ibanez. Or will it be Arod? It's Raul. Troy starts him off with two balls. This may not end well. Foul. 2-1. Foul. 2-0. Strike three. 

    Orioles 0 Yankees 2 Seventh Inning.

    C.C. has thrown 74 pitches.  2-1 to Hardy. Ground out to second.  Jones falls behind 0-2. Strike three.  Davis pops out on one pitch.

    Patton still pitching. Swisher Ks. Two balls to Granderson who shatters his bat on the third pitch, foul.  He then homers. they go down with no more damage. 

    Orioles 0 Yankees 3

    Wieters singles for the Orioles second hit. Manny ahead 2-1. 3-1. Walk. Tying run at the plate. Reynolds. No outs. Ball 1.  Strike 1.  Ball.  Ball. 3-1.  Foul.  Strike out. Lew Ford. Strike 1.  Ball.  He singles. The Orioles score their first run. One down. Two on.  Well the second if you count McLouth's "foul" homer.  Andino takes strike 1. Ball. 1-1. One out. Two on. Strike 1. Ball. 2-2.  Infield hit. Bases loaded.  McLouth at the plate. Strike 1. Strike 2. Ball. 1-2. Strike Three.  Bases loaded, two down. Hardy at the plate.  Ball 1. Meeting at the mound. Strike 1. Strike 2. He grounds out.

    Orioles 1 Yankees 3

    Strop gets a strike out and gives up a walk. Matusz comes in for the double play. 

    The Orioles final chance. Jones, Davis, Wieters.  Down two. CC takes mound for 9th, at 111 pitches. Strike 1 to Adam. He flies out. One down. Chris Davis down 0-2 quickly. Ball.  Foul. Struck him out. The season down to Matt Wieters. C.C. going for the complete game. Matt takes strike 1.  Ground out. 

    The end of a beautiful season for this wonderful 2012 Orioles team.

    Orioles 1 Yankees 3

    Box Score.

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