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    Minor League Orioles Who Joined Different Teams this Year

    Written by Oldorioles

    The Orioles organization made several personnel moves during the year. By my count, they released 26 minor league players during the season. Additionally, four retired (Tejada, Willis, Velleggia, and Romero).

    Interestingly, there are an additional 20 players we either cut and were subsequently picked up by another team or we traded to another team. Let's see how they did and if we have any regrets...


    Lino (pictures on front) - traded to Philadelphia. He put up a 645 OPS in A- as a 19 year old.

    Hoppy - released and picked up by Philadelphia. Never hit for the O's, acutally set a career high for OPS (636) after he was traded. Still, OPS for the season was 544 for the 21 yo in A-.


    Schutz - picked up by Toronto. Batted poorly to the tune of a 610 after going to the Blue Jays for the A club, he's 24 already.

    Stevens - Atlanta picked up the scrappy infielder after we cut him. They promoted him to AA where he had a 658 OPS. He's 25.

    Simon - The second piece of the Thome trade, and this one may hurt. Philadelphia put him back as a reliever. He went 3-0 with a 1.26 ERA in A-, so they promoted him. At AA, he was 1-0 with a 1.42 ERA. Not bad for a 21 yo in AA.

    Copeland - Released and picked up by Toronto. Amazingly, he completely turned things around. With the Keys he had a 6.88 ERA in 18 starts, with Toronto he was 4-1 with a 2.70 ERA. He's 24.


    Rojas - Caught on with Cleveland where the all glove infielder had a 289 OPS (not a typo) at AA. He's 28.

    McCurry - Picked up by Atlanta. He was converted to a reliever, placed at AAA and did much better. He's 26.

    Wolf - Went to Texas and pitched well, but it was for their AA team and he's 29.

    Pelzer - Pitched for three different independent teams after the O's cut him. Numbers were not stellar for the 26 year old.


    Hester - Nice story. Went to the Angels, hitwell enough (813 AAA OPS) to get called up. The 28 yo put up numbers better than Teagarden in the Bigs.

    Antonelli - Wow, did his stock fall. Some wanted him on the opening day roster. He hit 636 at Norfolk, went to New York and had a 564 OPS for their AAA. Also, he's already 27.

    Bell - Josh once again put up great AAA number and got promoted only to see miserable numbers in the Bigs. He hit 881 OPS in AAA and 506 in MLB. Still only 25though.

    Moyer - Not assured of a MLB deal by the O's, Moyer went to Toronto where he pitched two games poorly for their AAA club and was then released. He's done.

    Socolovich - Crazysilver captured his season in another thread. Went to the Cubs and pitched decent in 6 MLB games.

    Neshek - Put up a great season at Norfolk, and we thougth we didn't need him. We sent him to a wild card rival, where he was immediately put on the 25-man roster. He performed amazingly, 2-1 1.37 ERA over 34 games. Man we could have used him instead of the JC Romero debacle.

    Link - Picked up by Miami. Pitched very well (1-0 0.75 ERA) in 11 games at AAA for them. He's 28.

    Berken - went to the Cubs, was not very good in four MLB starts.

    Bergesen - one of several former Orioles pitchers to wind up in Arizona. Went 2-1 with a 3.64 ERA over 19 games for the D-Backs.

    Eyre - Picked up by Texas. The 33 year old went 1-2 with a 4.09 ERA for their AAA team.

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