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    Orioles in the AZ Fall League

    Written by AZOriole

    I took the day off from work yesterday to head to an Arizona Fall League game (one of the benefits of suffering through the hot summers out here is having baseball going on through November, and kicking off again in February). Mike Belfiore was the only O's pitcher that was used yesterday. LJ Hoes played RF (and gunned down a runner at the plate, which was pretty impressive), and Jonathan Schoop played 3B, and handled his chances routinely. Both guys looked pretty good at the plate. 
    The thing I noticed with Hoes is that he routinely went the other way with the pitch, which is a nice thing to see with a young hitter. And Schoop looks bigger than 6'1", though I'm hardly an expert on judging people's height/weight.
    Here's a link to the recap from the game yesterday.

    I took a few pictures there as well, and figured I'd share them with the OH. Enjoy!


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