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    Matt Wieters agrees to 5.5 million dollar 1 year contract. Three Others.

    Written by Michael Williams and Luismatos4prez

    Wieters signed a one-year $5.5 million deal that also includes $100,000 each if he wins a Gold Glove or Silver Slugger Award or if he is named to the American League All-Star team in 2013, according to  Wieters is repressented by Scott Boras


    CAA announced via Twitter that that Troy Patton has agreed to a one-year, $815,000 deal with the Orioles

    According to the Orioles Chris Davis and Brian Matusz also agree to deals.

    Dan Connolly also reported that Orioles exchanged arb numbers with are Jim Johnson, Jason Hammel and Darren O'Day.

    Jim Johnson filed for $7.1M Orioles for $5.7M
    Jason Hammel at $8.25M Orioles at $5.7M
    Darren O’Day asked for $3.2 million and the Orioles countered with $1.8 million
    Team Counsel H. Russell Smouse is 7-0 for the Orioles in hearings that he has arbritated.



    With a rotation of

    Hammel (6.975) (Orioles submitted 5.7, Hammel submitted 8.25) (MLBTR estimated 6.9)
    Chen (3.655333)
    Tillman (0.49)
    Gonzalez (0.49)
    Britton (0.49)

    a bullpen of 

    Strop (0.49)
    Matusz (1.6)
    Ayala (1)
    Patton (0.815)
    Hunter (1.82)
    O'Day (2.5) (Orioles submitted 1.8, O'Day submitted 3.2) (MLBTR estimated 2.2)
    J. Johnson (6.4) (Orioles submitted 5.7, Jim Johnson submitted 7.1) (MLBTR estimated 6.5)

    and a lineup of

    Wieters (5.5)
    Davis (3.3)
    Roberts (10)
    Hardy (7.416667)
    Machado (0.49)
    McLouth (2)
    Jones (8.833333)
    Markakis (15.35)
    Betemit (2)

    Reimold (1)
    Valencia (0.49)
    Casilla (1.5)
    Teagarden (0.65)

    1.245 (D. Bundy)
    4.07 (Wada)
    0.5 (Reynolds)

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