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    Orioles Minor League News Thurs 3-21

    Written by DocShorebird

    When I arrived, I was told that there had been four releases. By the time line-ups were posted, there were four more releases. Their names had to be scratched off of the line-up cards. Released today were David Baker (p), Matt Bywater (P), Cameron Coffey (P), Adam Davis (C), Kevin Dultz (C), Dudley Leonora (IF), Tim Smith (OF) and Eric Wooten (P).

    The Twins catcher Joe Mauer was batting for their AAA team today.

    Chris Pettit hit a HR for Norfolk and Jason Esposito hit a HR for Bowie. There may have been others that I didn?t see.

    Henry Urrutia is still getting the rust off in simulated game batting practice.

    Scheduled Pitchers for Today?

    Norfolk vs. Minn: Redmond (3), Clark (3), Meyer (1), Egan (2).
    Bowie vs. Minn: Rodriguez (3), Beal (2), Gurka (2), Boleska (1), Fowler (1).
    Frederick at Minn: Davies (4+), Beaulac (2), Parry (2), Escat (1), Jacob (1).
    Delmarva at Minn: Kline (4+), Chalas (2), Hobgood (1), Johnson (1), Claburn (1).

    Norfolk Line Up:

    Avery CF, Hudson (T6)
    Romero SS, Starr (T6)
    Hoes DH
    Waring 1B
    Britton 3B, Kelly (T6)
    Pettit RF, Lartiguez (T6)
    Joseph C, Martinez (T6)
    Greenberg LF
    Rosa 2B
    Exposito DH
    (Available Townsend, Vahalik, Frantini, Wheeler)

    Bowie Line Up:

    Ruettiger LF
    Adair 3B
    Esposito 1B
    Welty RF
    Bumbry CF
    Gil DH
    de San Miguel C
    Pena 2B
    Wade SS
    (Available: Chavez, Martinez, Nowak, Pellegrino)

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