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    DrShorebird wraps up the camp

    Written by DrShorebird

    Buck said that he not only was pleased, but that it went better than expected. Everyone seems to have gained something more than planned. The mini-camp is continuing on the West Coast where Brady has things all set up.


    Today the hitters had to change fields because they hit 87 balls out of the complex (or at least couldn't be recovered). They had more fun hitting with the wind yesterday than they did with the wind blowing in today. It was also colder and not so conducive to hitting. None of the batters seemed real pleased with their turns in the cage.


    The players are in good spirits and very friendly with each other even when they are competing for the same position. They bond nicely producing good team chemistry. They are just glad to be on the field again getting ready for spring training. The camp is relaxed and not an all-out effort type of thing. However, it is hard to think that the pitchers were throwing only at 60 %.


    It is difficult to get Dylan Bundy to hold still for a moment or go home. Caleb Joseph was like that too. They want to live at the ball park. Bundy even polishes up his locker with dusting/polishing spray before finally leaving. He is usually the last player to leave.


    Even though it was basically more of the same as yesterday, Buck is right in calling this part of the Mini-camp a success.

    Bundy will probably beat all projections and recover as quickly as anyone. He is just amazing. That being said, he probably won't be fully recovered until next year. Old pros tell me it usually takes two full years for pitchers to regain or exceed their previous strength. Bundy hopes to go North near the end of June and start at Delmarva and work his way up as far as he can this year. He hasn't said as much, but I think he is counting on at least reaching Bowie this year. I feel that he can be ready earlier, but I feel he will benefit from the experience in the long run if he isn't rushed just because he is strong enough. Some things you learn just be being exposed to more situations

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