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    DrShorebird Exclusive - Ubaldo

    Written by DrShorebird



    Experienced, Proven and Young Workhorse: His best years may still be ahead.


    It’s a rare opportunity to find such a promising combination of factors; proven ability, experience, leadership and youth. No one knows what the future will bring, but the Orioles have acquired one of the best pitchers in the American League and his best years may be ahead of him. With his ankle injury behind him and pitching coach Dave Wallace to guide him, the future looks bright for Ubaldo Jimenez and the Orioles.

    At Thursday’s press conference, Jimenez said that he always gives the best effort he can every time he pitches and promises to give his best effort every time for the Orioles. His long list of stats is impressive, but what Orioles Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations, Dan Duquette, especially liked was his solid dependability and ability to start 30 games six years in a row, even with an ankle injury. Jimenez’ ability to pitch deep into games helps keep the bullpen healthy. This helps bring stability to the Orioles. Jimenez has been one of the top ten pitchers in the league over his career. The ankle injury prevented Jimenez from pushing off of the mound properly which disrupted his mechanics. That is behind him now. The Orioles targeted Jimenez as a pitcher they wanted near the end of last year and worked long and hard to obtain his services. The comfort level of Jimenez’ dependability and age allowed the Orioles to go for the necessary four-year contract.

    Jimenez says he likes challenges and likes to compete. I believe that as fans get to know Jimenez and watch him pitch, they will embrace him as he tries to help the Orioles win the Championship. 



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