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    What was behind Ubaldo's resurgence?

    Written by TheBee

    by Adam Elliott 


    As I discussed in another thread, I was wondering about Ubaldo's mechanics when he first became successful and during his resurgence in Cleveland. Were there commonalities that we should be watching for...things that Ubaldo needs to do in order to be successful?
    Basically, I found articles detailing what his pitching coach in Colorado felt Ubaldo had done to become successful and what his pitching coach in Cleveland pinpointed as the reasons Ubaldo had rediscovered his success. I tried to pinpoint commonalities from both coaches. So, this what he was doing to become successful and doing again to regain success:

    Rhythm...Ubaldo needed to speed up his delivery to be successful
    Straighter...He needed to avoid leaning back...needs to be tall and straight
    Less rotation of hips was consistently mentioned as necessary for success
    Ubaldo's stride needed to be long and more direct to the plate
    Be confident...Ubaldo seems to care very much but can lose confidence and suffer from paralysis by analysis and lose his rhythm and fluidity.

    Thought it was interesting that both coaches said that from his release point on he finishes in a pretty textbook way but that overall he ain't ever going to be textbook.

    The Jeff Passan article has a haunting beginning...

    "Wanna know how bad it got? He would stand in front of mirrors and stare at himself. The implement of narcissists and teenage girls everywhere became Ubaldo Jimenez’s silent psychologist. At the ballpark, at the hotel, sometimes even at home. He would stand sideways, his left shoulder pointing at his reflection, and pretend like he was throwing a pitch. And he would do it again, and again, and again, and again, as many times as he needed to until it looked right and felt right."

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