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    Minor League Camp, Saturday, March 22

    Written by DrShorebird

    Minor League Camp, Saturday, March 22
    Twin Lakes
    A+ / A vs. Tamps Bay (AAA/AA away)

    Surprises: I've seen enough to make my selection of the "surprise player of the camp" now. Frobby had asked earlier. In my humble opinion, the player that has shown the most talent/potential above what was expected at this camp is 3B Drew Dosch. Not the most talented by far, but the most above what was projected for him coming into camp. Drew drew some attention in 2012 when he was in the Cape Cod league, but he was injured last season and did not play. Therefore, he was expected to be a year behind in development. However, he worked hard during rehab and appears to be even ahead of where he would have been projected to be if he did play last season.

    I am also surprised that there is a 30-year-old pitcher in camp who is throwing fairly consistently at 97. However, he needs to become a pitcher consistently pitching strikes at 97 mph, so I won't mention his name ... yet. But, he is a pleasant surprise so far.

    Not so much of a surprise is that young Reyes is seeing pitching like he has never seen before and will have to work on hitting curves and being patient. He has plenty of time to work on both.

    Pitching Schedule: Scheduled to pitch today are AAA) Pettit, Belfiore, Alderson, Schrader. AA) E. Rodriquez, Wilson, Garrison. A+) Beal, Escat, Blackmar, Price, Hart. A) Keller, Parry, Rheault, Louico, Bill, Cunningham.

    Sunday is a "Camp Day" which means no scheduled opponents from out of town, but it is a day in which anything can be thrown in. Scheduled to pitch Sunday are Wright, Davies, Kline, Harvey, Horacek, Ayers, Caffey, Peralta.

    Frederick Squad:
    CF Davis (T6) Herbst
    LF Webb (T7) Aguilar
    2B Simpson (T7) Vasquez
    C Sawyer (T7) A. Murphy
    1B Mosby (T6) Narron
    SS Marin (T7) Hutter
    RF Boss (T7) Lastiquez ???
    3B Esposito (T7) Kneeland
    DH Russell
    Available: Rust, Kalush

    Delmarva Squad:
    CF Lorenzo (T8) Franco
    LF Yastrzemski (T8) Mercedes
    3B Dosch (T7) Veloz
    1B Mancini (T7) Gassaway
    C Sisco (T7) Heim
    SS Kemp (T7) Castagnini
    DH Hart (T7) Bierfeldt
    RF Vega (T8) Engelhardt
    2B Caronia (T8) Vargas
    DH Reyes (T8) Diaz

    Available: Kimmel, Viele, Graham.

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