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    Minor League Camp Report Wednesday 3/26

    Written by DrShorebird

    Minor League Camp
    March 26, 2014
    Twin Lakes
    A+ and A Squads vs. Tampa Bay (AAA/AA Squads away)

    Player Releases: 1B Aaron Baker, 1B Henry Wrigley, RHP Sander Beck, LHP Zach Fowler and LHP Steve Garrison.

    Scheduled Pitchers for Wed. March 26 include: (AAA) Alderson, Castillo, Ayala, Morillo, Belfiore, Huntzinger, (AA) Bischoff, Escat, Price, Beal, Rutledge, (A+) Blackmar, Louico, Keller, Rheault, Beck, (A) Tarpley, Gonzalez, Bleeker, Yacabonis.

    Scheduled Pitchers for Thur. March 27 include: (AAA) Petit, Drake, Jones, Prado, Gurka, (AA) E. Rodriguez, Wilson, (A+) Chalas, Hobgood, Torres, Hart, Fowler, (A) Parry, Severino, Urban, Richardson.

    Frederick Squad:

    CF Davis
    2B Nathans (T7) Hutter
    LF Burgess
    RF Webb
    SS Marin
    DH Boss
    C Sawyer (T7) Murphy
    1B Simpson (T7) Rust
    3B Esposito
    DH Herbst
    Available: Mosby, Kalush, Aguilar.

    Delmarva Squad:

    CF Lorenzo
    SS Kemp (T7) Castagnini
    1B Mancini (T7) Diaz
    RF Bierfeldt
    3B Dosch (T8) Reyes
    C Sisco (T7) Wynns
    DH Veloz (T7) Heim
    LF Vega
    2B Caronia (T7) Vargas
    2B Viele (T7) Kimmel
    Also available: Hart, Engelhardt, Graham, Franco.

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