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    O’s beat Detroit; The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    After losing for the first time yesterday, and falling behind 2-0 in the 1st today, the Baltimore Orioles responded by breaking out the bats (and the walks) to beat the Detroit Tigers, 9-5.

    With the win, Baltimore improves to 5-1 on the year and grabs their second series victory. The O's also move 5 games ahead of both Boston and Tampa.

    The Good:

    1) Scott was back in the lineup tonight, and contributed in the field with a nice running catch towards the line in the 2nd. In the 6th he smacked a double into RCF.

    2) After a tough 1st inning, Tillman came back to sit down the Tigers in the 2nd through 4th. As pointed out below, not even a 'good' outing by any means, but he limited the bleeding somewhat.

    3) Guerrero touched off a bomb for his first HR as an Oriole. In the 7th he tied the game at 5, with a good piece of hitting on his single to right.

    4) Jones had a perfectly positioned bunt to reach 1st. That also helps the on-base %. He followed that up with a steal to get himself into scoring position. He tied the game at 4 in the 6th inning with a shot absolutely crushed to LF. Topped off his offense for the night with a sac fly in the 7th to give the O's the lead.

    5) Reynolds had a good at-bat against Penny in the 2nd, finishing with a scorching line drive to RCF, knocking in Jones. In the 6th he worked a walk, which was very good to see. Even better was his 2 run double in the 7th. This is the lineup depth we have been envisioning.

    5a) One of the two runners Reynolds knocked in was Pie, who had come into the game as a PR. Pie just exploded around the bases.

    6) Jones did not actually catch the 4th inning drive by Martinez, but he covered a lot of ground to get to it. I'm including that play here just for the rare 8-9 defensive play.

    7) Good play by Roberts on a slow roller from Santiago in the 5th. Roberts circled the ball and was able to get enough on the throw to make the play.

    8) Izturis had a walk and a RBI line-drive single into LCF. For him that counts as an offensive explosion.

    9) Absolutely outstanding work from the offense tonight, with their 7 walks and 5 xbh's.

    10) Johnson looked good in his 1.2 innings of work. Uehara quickly ended the game in the 9th.

    The Bad:

    1) Tillman was throwing strikes (23 strikes vs. 9 balls) in the 1st, but the pitch count still got elevated because he was not able to put away hitters with 2 strikes. Tillman had 2 strikes on the first four hitters, but three of the four hit their way on. Dan Connolly (Baltimore Sun) counted 15 fouls.

    2) After back-to-back walks to Markakis and Lee, Guerrero swung at the first pitch and popped up.

    3) In the 5th, Tillman allowed a homer to Avilia. He got the next two batters, and then had a 2 out walk to Rhymes, followed by a double to Boesch. Probably should have been done for the night after the walk. Tillman finished the night going 4.2 ip, allowing 6 hits, 4 er, 1 hr, 2 bb's, with 4 k's.

    4) In the bottom of the 5th, Roberts doubled down the RF line. Izturis, who had been at 1st and running on the pitch, was held up at 3rd. You can make the argument that he should have been sent, but the better argument is that Markakis and Lee have to cash those runners in.

    5) In the bottom of the 6th, Izturis came up with Reynolds on 1st and 2 out. As our Paul Folkemer mentioned, seems like the O's could have PH with Fox, and used Andino as the defensive replacement. Izturis would strike out.

    6) Leadoff walk allowed from Accardo in the 7th to Avila. Avila would score on the Jackson double.

    The Ugly:

    None. The O's had a real team victory tonight, picking up Tillman. They won their second series, and put together a bunch of good ab's.

    Let's hope that whatever took Hardy out of the lineup is something minor.

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