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    O's lose in Cleveland; The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    The Baltimore Orioles lost their 5th consecutive game tonight, as the Cleveland Indians beat them 8-2. With the loss, the O's fall to .500 overall at 6-6.

    The Good:

    1) Good job paying attention by the O's to get the appeal play at 2nd to end the Cleveland third.

    2) Scott had a clutch hit with two outs in the 4th to knock in the first O's run.

    3) Perfect accurate throw and quick release from Wieters to throw out Brantley.

    4) In the 7th Jones hit a typical grounder to SS, but I was again impressed that he ran the ball out. Not the first time this year we have seen that. Still not happy with Jones' plate-discipline, but I'm pleased with his effort and what I have perceived as improved defense so far this year.

    5) I like that a 'bad' outing from Britton was still 6 innings of work, and 6 k's vs. just 1 walk. He also forced 9 grounders. It is true that Britton gave up 8 hits, and 5 er; but he did just enough to keep the O's in the game and eat some innings.

    The Bad:

    1) In the bottom of the 3rd, LaPorta led off the inning with a drive to LF, that wound up being a triple. Scott made a decent throw, but it appeared to me that Scott was surprised by LaPorta's decision.

    1a) I do not want to get into the habit of critiquing every play by Scott.  Pretty obviously he is not as good in LF as Pie, but that does not make Scott a butcher by any means. I think Scott can be solid enough out there, and also think he is still dealing with a sore groin. To me the above mentioned play was less about ability and more about a momentary lack of awareness.

    2) Also in the 3rd, Brantley reached 1st on a bunt-single to load the bases. The ball (which was an attempted sacrifice) was fielded by Britton. I think Reynolds had the easier play as he charged in.

    3) Rupe came in to start the bottom of the 7th with the O's down 5-1. Single, FC, Single, Walk, Single, Double.  Ouch.

    4) Why was Izturis not PH for in the 9th?

    The Ugly:

    1) Masterson game into tonight's game having been masterful in his initial two outings of 2011. That continued tonight. Still, the lack of offense so far the Birds (not just tonight) is not enough. In the O's 6 losses they have scored a total of 14 runs (2.33 per game). Obviously not good enough, especially with the collective talent that exists within the O's lineup.

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