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    Some early numbers

    Going into tonight’s game against the Minnesota Twins, the O’s have played 17 games. Due to that limited sample size, we all understand the numbers below only have so much value. Still, I thought it made for some interesting conversation now, and think it will be something to check back on as the season progresses.

    1) Lee enters play tonight with a walk rate of 12.5%; his career rate is 11.2%.

    2) Guerrero had 28 intentional walks in 2007, but only 5 in 2010. After 71 ab’s so far in ‘11, Guerrero is still seeking his first walk this season.

    3) Reynolds has a swinging-strike percentage of 14.4%; his career rate is 17.3%.
    4) Over 1,864 ab’s during ‘07-‘09, Roberts had an OPS of .814. Over his last 303 ab’s, his OPS is .752.

    4a) Roberts has an on-base % of .293 (.355 for his career). His slugging % is .466 (.420 for his career).

    4b) Roberts’ Isolated Power (SLG-AVG) is .192, the highest it has been since his 2005 career high of .201.

    5) Jones has hits in 6 consecutive games, raising his average from .189 to .237, and his OPS from .556 to .665.

    5a) Jones’ walk rate is 3.2%; his career rate is 4.8%. His HR/FB ratio is 16.7%; his career rate 11.6%.

    5b) Jones’ Swing % (Total percentage of pitches a batter swrings at) is 59.3%; his career rate is 54%.

    5c) Jones’ O-Contact % (Percentage of time a batter makes contact with the ball when swinging at pitches outside of the strike zone) is 52.8%. His career rate is 59.7%.

    5d) Jones has a UZR/150 of 13.5.  In 2008 it was 6.6, in 2009 it was (-8.2), in 2010 it was (-4.7).

    6) Tillman’s Line Drive % (Line Drives / Balls in Play) is 13.1%. Was 21.6% in 2010.

    6a) Tillman’s HR to Fly Ball Ratio is 7.1%. His career rate is 13.8%.

    7) Arrieta’s First Strike % is 61.5. In 2010 it was 54.1%.

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