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    O's blast Chi Sox; The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    Jake Arrieta won his 3rd game of the year, as the Baltimore Orioles won the opening game of a four-game series in Chicago 10-4.

    With the win, the O's move to 11-13 on the year. In the division, NY lost to Toronto, Tampa lost to LA, and Boston lost to Seattle. That means the O's move back into 4th place a 1/2 game ahead of the Red Sox, and pull within 3.5 games of the Yankees.

    The Good:

    1) For the 7th time this season, Juan Pierre was caught stealing when Matt Wieters delivered a strike to end the 2nd inning.

    2) The O's strung together some hits in the 3rd. Started by a nice poke from Reynolds. Andino (who had 3 hits, and a walk) would go to RF, as would Roberts for the first O's RBI of the night.

    2a) Markakis hit a ball that could have easily been a double play ball to end the inning, but Roberts made a hard slide at 2nd, and Markakis ran hard down the line. It allowed Andino to advance to 3rd, and bring up Lee who blooped a hit to RF and further cut into the White Sox lead.

    3) Below I take issue with Scott's defensive positioning in the 2nd. Seemingly in an answer to me, he made a great play in the 3rd taking away a HR from Ramirez. Leading off the 4th, Scott would tie the game with his 4th HR.

    4) Nice play by Jones to end the 4th.

    5) Earlier in the game, Wieters hit a drive to CF that was caught. In the 6th, there was no catching his crushed 2 run homer.  In the 7th, the Sox brought in Sale to keep him hitting right-handed with the based loaded. Wieters again made Chicago pay with a 2 run double. He entered the game with just 15 ab's against LHP, but this game just furthered my perception that he has been having better ab's as a right-handed hitter.

    6) Not a great start from Arrieta, but acceptable. He finished the night having pitched 5 innings, allowing 5 hits, 3 er, 1 hr, 2 bb's, with 2 k's.

    7) The O's patiently took advantage of Crain's lack of control, earning 3 walks against him in the 7th, including the based-loaded pass to Reynolds.

    7a) Baltimore had 6 walks tonight, including 2 from Markakis.

    8) Originally down 3-0, Baltimore battled back and eventually put 10 runs on the board, capped off by the Roberts 7th inning double.

    9) Johnson and Accardo were both strong out of the pen.

    The Bad:

    1) The 2nd inning HR from Pierzynski hurt even more because Arrieta had walked Dunn to start the inning. Pierzynski entered the game with just two xbh's (both doubles) in his first 79 ab's.

    2) I did not understand the defensive positioning from the O's and Scott in the 2nd. With Teahen , Arrieta was pitching the 3rd baseman outside, throwing 93-94 mph. The lefty Teahen was not going to pull Arrieta there. Scott was way around towards CF, and Teahen simply went with the pitch for an easy double. That was followed two batters later by a dink to LF from Pierre. Pierre entered the game with 14 homers in 6,287 career ab's. Scott was way too deep, and it cost the O's a run.

    3) Guerrero was unable to come-up with a 2 out hit in the 3rd which would have tied the game at 3.

    3a) With runners on 2nd and 3rd and 1 out, Lee popped out to shallow RF in the 5th. Needed a further drive there to at-least get the sac-fly. This gave Guerrero a second opportunity for a 2 out hit, with runners on. Unfortunately Guerrero would  ground straight back to Danks to end the inning, with the O's not getting in the go ahead run.

    4) With runners on 2nd and 3rd and 1 out, Lee popped out to shallow RF in the 5th. Needed a further drive there to at-least get the sac-fly.

    5) In the 5th, Lee made a great stop ranging towards 2nd. He threw to 2nd to get the lead runner, but Andino dropped the ball giving Chicago an extra out and a runner in scoring position.

    6) Rapada allowed the White Sox to get back to within 1, on the homer to Lillibridge.

    7) As pointed out on the Orioles Hangout Message Board by the poster 'Why Knott', Arrieta left the game having thrown just 86 pitches. Seems like there was an opportunity to send Arrieta back out for at-least one more inning of work.

    The Ugly:

    None. The O's put 10 runs on the board, and started their road-trip in style.

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