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    Baltimore sweeps Seattle; The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    For the second time in the series, the Baltimore Orioles beat the Seattle Mariners in extra innings. Combined with the cardiac inducing events of Tuesday, this series could have gone differently.

    Instead, the O's found a way to win all three games, and have improved to 17-19 overall. With the Rays winning tonight, Baltimore will arrive in Tampa 5 games behind the host Rays tomorrow.

    The next 7 games (3 at Tampa, 2 at Boston, 2 vs. NY) are going to be very interesting. What matters for the night though is enjoying Britton's performance and this sweep.

    The Good:

    1) In a number of Britton's starts, we have remarked that we thought he was not particularly 'on' but was able to exceed on the strength of his overall stuff. Tonight we saw a Britton that really overwhelmed Seattle during his 9 innings of work. He allowed 3 hits, 0 runs, 0 walks, with 5 k's. He had 76 strikes in his 108 pitches, and got the Mariners to hit 12 grounders, retiring the last 13 batters he saw.

    1a) The Rookie remains 5-2,  with his first non-decision, but his era has now fallen to 2.42.

    2) After four hits last night, Jones had a well placed bunt to reach base tonight.

    3) With his 2nd inning single, Wieters extended his hitting streak to 4 games. He finished the night 2 for 5 and is now 7 for his last 19.

    3a) Another great throw from Wieters. Have you ever seen a Major League thrown out by several feet? Why are teams still attempting to run on the Baltimore catcher? In the 10th, Wieters made a nice play on the sacrifice bunt from Olivo.

    4) Roberts had a nice play in the 4th on Figgins, and another one in the 8th on Rodriguez.

    4a) Roberts also ended his 0 for streak, with 2 hits tonight.

    5) Two hits for Andino. Not sure I love him playing in LF, but Andino has to love seeing his name stay in the lineup and his versatility increasing.

    6) Reynolds started the 8th with a walk.

    7) I point out below how I disliked the leadoff walk Gregg allowed in the 10th, but credit him for ending the inning with no Mariners runs scored. It is worth noting that in 9 of his last 10 outings, he has pitched a scoreless inning.

    8) Johnson was on the hook for the loss, but he looked good. The 11th inning was his 5th consecutive inning of scoreless ball. In the 12th, he essientially got beat by Ichiro's speed. 

    9) How sweet was the 12th? After Wieters' liner was caught, I was holding my breath. Welcome back JJ Hardy! 

    The Bad:

    1) The O's hit into 4 double-plays.

    2) With Pie at 2nd, and 1 out in the 8th - both Roberts, and Markakis failed to give the O's the lead.

    The Ugly:

    1) You watch a Rookie go 9 innings without allowing a walk, and you see an experienced pitcher like Gregg enter in the 10th and walk the first hitter he faces. I understand Gregg does not want to 'give in', but I'll always believe it is better to trust your stuff and challenge hitters, vs. giving them them a base for free. 

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