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    Q&A with Jonathan Mayo, MLB.com

    Jonathan Mayo is a Senior Writer for MLB.com. For several years, he hosted a variety of shows on MLB Radio, MLB.com’s internet radio network, including Around the Minors, a daily show devoted to baseball prospects. Mayo has also done extensive video work ranging from studio analysis and in-game color commentary to sideline reporting at various special events.

    More recently Jonathan has focused his efforts on covering minor league baseball and, notably, the baseball draft. Mayo worked on the broadcast team assembled for ESPN’s coverage of the first televised baseball draft in 2007, interviewing draftees after their selections. He is responsible for compiling MLB.com’s definitive list of baseball’s Top 50 prospects and has covered the Arizona Fall League, baseball’s winter meetings and many other events.

    You can find Mayo’s official site at: http://jonathanmayo.net/index.html
    You can find Mayo’s MLB.com blog at: http://minors.mlblogs.com/
    Mayo is also on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/#!/jonathanmayob3

    With the June Amateur Draft approaching (June 6th - 8th) Orioles Hangout thanks Mr. Mayo for providing some of his Pre-Draft thoughts.

    Orioles Hangout: “Carlos Dunlap of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette stated the Pirates have interest in Dylan Bundy with the first overall pick, which was followed by Jim Callis of Baseball America stating teams are being told the asking price for Bundy is 6 yrs, $30 million (or over what the Nationals signed Strasburg and Harper combined.). Despite that report, do you believe Gerrit Cole and Anthony Rendon will be the first two picks of the Draft?”

    Jonathan Mayo: “Not necessarily. I think there’s still a good chance Cole and Rendon are 1-2, but there are some good question marks out there. One is Rendon’s shoulder, the other is Cole’s recent string of performances, though his velocity and stuff overall have been fine. I think Danny Hultzen is still very much in the mix.”

    Orioles Hangout: “In the 3rd party Mock Drafts, we have seen the O’s recently tied to Danny Hultzen (LHP, Virgina), Jed Bradley (LHP, Georgia Tech), Trevor Bauer (RHP, UCLA), Sonny Gray (RHP, Vanderbilt), Dylan Bundy (RHP, HS), Bubba Starling (OF, HS), George Springer (OF, Connecticut), and Tyler Anderson (LHP, Oregon).Is there anyone else not mentioned here, you believe is under consideration from Baltimore?”

    Jonathan Mayo: “No, I think that about covers it, and it’s likely not quite as long a list as that. I think they’d love it if Hultzen were there and if Cole or Rendon dropped to them, they would get serious consideration. Jed Bradley’s recent performances have made things a little more unclear there. I think it will be a pitcher when all is said and done.”

    Orioles Hangout: “Looking at the College arms above, how do you rank them in the following categories?”

    Jonathan Mayo:

    Current Stuff: Hultzen, Gray, Bauer, Bradley, Anderson
    Current Command: Hultzen, Anderson, Bradley, Bauer, Gray
    Future Stuff: Gray, Hultzen, Bradley, Bauer, Anderson
    Future Command: Hultzen, Anderson, Bradley, Bauer, Gray
    Most Advanced: Hultzen, Anderson, Bauer, Bradley, Gray
    Overall Future Potential: Hultzen, Gray, Bauer, Bradley, Anderson “                           

    Orioles Hangout: “The O’s are already familiar with the Bundy family (Dylan’s older Brother Robert was a 2008 8th round choice of Baltimore, currently having success at Single A Frederick.) Do you prefer Bundy’s future potential over any of the aforementioned College arms?”

    Jonathan Mayo: “I’d put Bundy above just about all of the college arms, except maybe Hultzen, in terms of future potential.”

    Orioles Hangout: “The 2001 Rule 4 Amateur Draft will be the last draft held under the current Collective Bargaining Agreement. There appears to be some industry-wide belief that the 2012 Draft could feature the ‘Hard Slotting’. With that as a possibility, do you expect multiple teams to go drastically     ‘Over Slot’ in this Draft?”

    Jonathan Mayo: “There are many teams who already do that, with more each year seemingly willing to ignore the suggested slot. It’s a very interesting side story on just how both sides – teams and players/advisors – work things out this year. Most teams seemed to think  more kids would sign this year because of the potential for hard slotting in 2012. But only time will tell.”

    Orioles Hangout: “Will the threat of ‘Hard Slotting’ limit the negotiating power of this year’s HS class?”

    Jonathan Mayo: “To an extent. I think that teams will try to get guys signed, but perhaps they’ll be able to draw a harder line in the sand if they feel they can say that in three years when those high schoolers come out, the same kind of money won’t be there in a new system.”

    Orioles Hangout: “Nick Faleris of Diamond Scape Scouting (http://diamondscapescouting.com/) grades out Starling (http://diamondscapescouting.com/scoutingreports_2011_starlingde.html) extremely high in regards to Overall Future Potential. Your thoughts on Starling?”

    Jonathan Mayo: “He’s got as high a ceiling as anyone in the class. I spoke to some scouts who’d take him No. 1 overall based on that OFP. Five tools, he can do everything well. He’s got as much superstar potential as anyone in the class.”

    Orioles Hangout: “Ultimately, who do you see the O’s selecting with the 4th overall pick?”

    Jonathan Mayo: “If Cole-Rendon go 1-2, then I think maybe they’ll go with Bundy, unless the price tag makes that unrealistic. Not that they’ve shied away from taking guys like that. If Hultzen, Cole or Rendon are there, I can’t imagine they’d pass that up.”

    Orioles Hangout: “The O’s do not have any Supplemental picks, so they will not select again until 64th overall pick of the Draft in the 2nd round. Who are some potential names to keep in-mind at that area of the Draft?”

    Jonathan Mayo: “It’s a very deep class, so there should be some talent in round 2 to be had. I could see some pretty good high school pitching falling down there, though signability for some might be an issue. While there aren’t a ton of college bats for the first round, many will go in the sandwich round and fall into round 2. It’s hard to present names at this point for No. 64.”

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