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    O's crushed again; The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    The Baltimore Orioles lost their 4th consecutive game tonight, with a 17-5 thrashing at the hands of Washington Nationals. The first two losses in this stretch came in heart-breaking fashion. The last two nights have been the result of horrible pitching. Frankly, just like last night, everything was Ugly, Ugly, Ugly.

    Now 19-24 on the season, it is imperative that the O's rebound immediately. I felt Baltimore went into this series needing to win 2 of 3 at a minimum (and had the expectation they would), and do at-least the same in the following series vs. Kansas City. After tonight, the sole focus has to be ending the bleeding, and finding a way to win tomorrow.

    The Good:

    1) Jones and Guerrero both extended their hitting streaks to six games in the 1st inning. Wieters extended his streak to 9 games with his two run double in the 3rd. Markakis would also extend his streak to 6.

    2) Scott tied the game at 3 with his RBI single in the 3rd.

    3) Reynolds had two walks, and a ground rule double.

    4) Adams had his first Major League hit. Reimold had his first ML hit of the year.

    5) Pie smacked a double into RF, knocking in the O's 4th run of the game. In the top of the 6th, Ramos hit a ball towards the LF line that Pie quickly tracked. Pie's hustle limited Ramos to a single.

    The Bad:

    1) After scoring 3 runs in the 3rd to tie the game, Arreita gave 2 runs right back to the Nationals in the 4th.

    2) I would have liked to have seen another replay, but it appeared to me that Jones had a poor approach on the Espinosa 4th inning triple. At the minimum, Jones played that into an additional base for the Washington SS. (The 5th inning triple from Ramos was more of a product of the wall, and less of a miss play. Jones showed his arm by making it a play at 3rd.) The Bernadina HR was no gimme, but a play that probably needs to be made.

    3) Down 7 runs in the 6th, I was pretty amazed by the Rapada walk to Espinosa. You have to be able to throw strikes there, and let whatever happens happen. By walking Espinosa, Ramos would move into scoring position and score on the Hairston single.

    4) Gonzalez came into the game with the O's down 8 runs, so there was no pressure of a tight game here. With that in mind, it was all the more troubling seeing him allow a HR to Werth in the 7th, and Ramos in the 8th.

    5) Gregg allowed 4 hits, including Nix's HR, in his inning of work.

    The Ugly:

    1) I was disappointed with Arrieta's back-to-back walks to start the 2nd, along with the pitch selection. He got ahead of both the hitters, and both batters were able to work their way back into the counts.  Made all the worse with the 3 run homer to Espinosa. The rest of the game did not improve for Arrieta either. He has been very good this year, but tonight was a brutal performance against a poor offense.

    2) On Pie's 4th inning double, it appeared Pie believed Adams was going to score. The replays I saw made it look like Adams would have been out at the plate had he attempted to go home. Pie should have been looking at Russell, and been another runner in scoring position as the O's attempted to rally back against the Nationals.

    3) Berken's outing was poor. Berken replaced Arrieta with the bases loaded, and drills the first batter he sees (Werth) to give the Nationals their 6th run of the game. To start the 5th, Berken would walk LaRoche, who would score on the Ramos triple. Ramos would score on the Espinosa single to CF. After a Hariston fly-out, Bernadina would homer off the glove of Jones.  There certainly should have been another reliever up at this point, and no reason for Berken to see another batter. Desmond would single, Nix would strike out, and Desmond would advance to 2nd on a wild pitch. Werth would then homer pushing the lead to 7.

    4) The O's were facing a team with very limited offensive potential, and somehow managed to allow 17 runs, and 6 bombs. Twice the O's offense attempted to get back into the game, only to see their pitchers give the runs right back the next inning.

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