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    O's slide continues; The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    Baltimore was able to break through late against former Oriole Erik Bedard, and positioned to end a 4 game losing streak. Jeremy Guthrie had been in complete control of the Mariners, but was unable to come-up with a throw from Scott that should have ended the 8th inning. With their life extended, the Mariners brought Justin Smoak to the plate as the potential winning run, and he homered to RF for the 3-2 Seattle lead.

    A really poor loss for the O's, that just adds to the disappointment of this West Coast trip. The Orioles fall to 5 games under .500 at 24-29, with the series ending with Brian Matusz's 2011 debut tomorrow.

    The Good:

    1) Guthrie finished the night going 8ip, allowing 5 hits, 3 runs, 0 er, 1 hr, 1 bb, with 9 k's.

    2) Markakis had a couple of really ugly swings in his 1st inning ab against Bedard, but hung in to take a 2 strike pitch to LF.

    3) Scott doubled for the 2nd straight day, and had a walk.

    4) Andino walked to begin the 6th.

    5) Jones had 2 hits, with the second hit coming on a great approach in the 6th. Kept his head down, and lined the ball behind Andino into RF.

    6) Wieters had struck out looking in the 4th in a tough ab. In the 7th, he made an adjustment and took Bedard yard opposite field to the RF bleachers.

    The Bad:

    1) Bedard was dealing, but with a wild pitch the O's had Jones on 2nd with 1 out in the 4th. Both Guerrero and Wieters would strike out without scoring Jones. Wieters struck out looking, totally fooled by Bedard's offerings.

    2) After doubling in the 5th, Scott got a horrible read on the Reimold single to LF, and ran himself into an out at 3rd base. It was one thing to get the poor read, and not advance. Being thrown out at 3rd though was not acceptable.

    3) The O's were up 2-0 in the 7th, when Andino batted with the bases loaded and 1 out. The O's needed to score at-least a run there, but Andino popped out to shallow RF. Jones was not able to pick up Andino, striking out to end the inning.

    4) I do not recall ever seeing Markakis look less comfortable in the box. He is bailing off pitches. He appears to me to be pressing to get something accomplished. I think it is amazing how confidence issues even plague the very best. To me, he just needs to go back to his game of using the field, and everything else will fall in-line.

    The Ugly:

    1) The 8th inning should have ended on Ichiro's groundout. It did not. Scott led Guthrie slightly, and Guthrie did not come up with the throw. Wieters could have come out to the mound and given his pitcher a breather, he did not. Once Ryan singled to bring up the potential go ahead run (and Seattle's best power bat in Smoak), the O's needed to discuss their approach. Where was Connor there? Explain to me how Smoak possibly sees a ball he can pull in that ab?

    2) We've known about Scott's Labrum injury, but hearing Scott is in 'deep physical pain' when he has to throw from LF, as opposed to 'discomfort' is not good. As MASN pointed out, other teams will obviously be aware of that and attempt to take extra bases. The O's will attempt to limit his games in the OF - which becomes all the more complicated once Lee returns from the DL. Further to that, if you are going to be shopping Scott, other teams will be looking at him as 1st/DH only, which lessens his overall value. When you factor in his current lack of offensive performance, moving him becomes very unlikely.  If Scott can definitively not be playing regularly in LF, then a move is going to have to made with either Lee or Guerrero.

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