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    O's drop 4th straight; The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    The Baltimore Orioles lost their 4th consecutive game, falling 5 games under .500 with a 4-1 loss tonight to the Blue Jays. This was the 16th straight loss for the O's in Toronto.

    The Good:

    1) Arrieta was as solid as you can be allowing 9 hits. One of the better sequences was his strikeouts of Bautista, and Rivera (with an intentional walk to Lind in-between) with Escobar on 3rd to end the 3rd inning.

    1a) 6.2 innings, 9 hits, 3 er, 2 hr's, 2 bb's, 5 k's. Arrieta had 102 pitches, 65 for strikes and had 9 grounders. Not good enough when going against a Cy Young candidate pitching like Cy Young, but good enough to win most nights.

    2) Reimold made a decent catch in the 4th on a drive from Hill.

    3) Lee did not come up with it, but it wsa a great play from Hardy in the 6th. The idea that Hardy was charged with an error on that play is laughable.

    4) Nice play from Reynolds in the 7th.

    5) Gregg looked good in the 8th.

    6) Good job by Markakis and Jones working walks to start the 9th. They at-least gave the O's a chance to get back into the game.

    7) Wieters got the bat through the zone quickly against Francisco in the 9th. We are seeing less long looping swings from the O's catcher, and more ab's with quality contact.

    The Bad:

    1) Tonight was Arrieta's 15th start, and the homers allowed to Escobar and Rivera were his 11th, and 12th on the year.

    2) In the 4th, Hardy doubled to start the inning, followed by a walk to Markakis. Similar to what we saw last night, Jones expanded his strike-zone and struck out, and Guerrero hit into a double play to end the inning.

    3) That double play from Lee to end the game, was far too predictable.

    The Ugly:

    1) Rapada has pitched well since being utilized soley as the lefty-specialist he is, but he failed at his job tonight. Brought in to face Lind with a runner on 1st, and 2 out - Rapada allowed Lind's 7th inning homer which effectively ended the game.

    2) Romero was awesome tonight, and the O's offense could must nothing against him.

    3) The Orioles have lost another series to their AL East Division foes, and are now just 9-18 against the Division. The O's (21-17 against everyone else), can not improve until they can be more competitive against the East.

    3a) You really have to work at it, to lose 16 consecutive games in one park.

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