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    American & National League All-Star Selections

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    One of the requirements of membership in the BBA is voting four times of year. The first vote I'm able to take part in, is the posting of my All-Star Game selections. My choices below are not who I believe will be represent the American and National Leagues in Arizona, but whom I would select. I stuck with the criteria of 34 selections, and a choice from every team. There are a number of players throughout baseball who I hold in extremely high-regard, that did not perform in the 1st half, and/or dealt with injuries. (Two examples would be Evan Longoria, and Ryan Zimmerman.) While I have no problem with the All-Star teams selecting the true best players, I went with the players I thought had played the best these first couple of months. While the bench players are listed numerically, the numbering has no real order.

    American League     

    C) Alex Avila, Detriot
    1st) Adrian Gonzalez, Boston
    2nd) Robinson Cano, New York
    SS) JJ Hardy, Baltimore
    3rd) Alex Rodriguez, New York
    RF) Jose Bautista, Toronto
    CF) Curtis Granderson, New York
    LF) Alex Gordon, Kansas City
    DH) David Ortiz, Boston

    Bench 1) Paul Konerko, Chicago
    Bench 2) Miguel Cabrera, Detroit
    Bench 3) Asdrubal Cabrera, Cleveland
    Bench 4) Kevin Youkilis, Boston
    Bench 5) Matt Joyce, Tampa
    Bench 6) Carlos Quentin, Chicago
    Bench 7) Jacoby Ellsbury, Boston
    Bench 8) Adam Jones, Baltimore
    Bench 9) Brett Gardner, New York
    Bench 10) Victor Martinez, Detroit
    Bench 11) Matt Wieters, Baltimore
    Bench 12) Ben Zobrist, Tampa

    P) Josh Beckett, Boston
    P) Justin Verlander, Detroit
    P) Felix Hernandez, Seattle
    P) James Shields, Tampa
    P) David Price, Tampa
    P) Jon Lester, Boston
    P) Ricky Romero, Toronto
    P) Gio Gonzalez, Oakland
    P) Jered Weaver, LAA
    P) CJ Wilson, Texas
    P) Michael Pineda, Seattle
    P) Mariano Rivera, New York
    P) Matt Capps, Minnesota

    National League

    C) Brian McCann, Atlanta
    1st) Prince Fielder, Milwaukee
    2nd) Rickie Weeks, Milwaukee
    SS) Jose Reyes, New York
    3rd) Chipper Jones, Atlanta
    RF) Lance Berkman, St. Louis
    CF) Matt Kemp, Los Angeles
    LF) Ryan Braun, Milwaukee
    DH) Joey Votto, Cincinnati

    Bench 1) Ryan Howard, Philadelphia
    Bench 2) Danny Espinosa, Washington
    Bench 3) Troy Tulowitzki, Colorado
    Bench 4) Justin Upton, Arizona
    Bench 5) Mike Stanton, Florida
    Bench 6) Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh
    Bench 7) Carlos Gonzalez, Colorado
    Bench 8) Miguel Montero, Arizona
    Bench 9) Michael Morse, Washington
    Bench 10) Neil Walker, Pittsburgh
    Bench 11) Chase Headly, San Diego
    Bench 12) Jay Bruce, Cincinnati

    P) Roy Halladay, Philadelphia
    P) Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles
    P) Cliff Lee, Philadelphia
    P) Cole Hamels, Philadelphia
    P) Anibal Sanchez, Florida
    P) Tim Lincecum, San Francisco
    P) Bud Norris, Houston
    P) Ian Kennedy, Arizona
    P) Matt Cain, San Francisco
    P) Craig Kimbrel, Atlanta
    P) JJ Putz, Arizona
    P) Heath Bell, San Diego
    P) Carlos Marmol, Chicago

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