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    Reds over O's; The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    The Baltimore Orioles launched 4 homers tonight, but O's starter Brian Matusz and Brad Bergesen out of the 'pen could do nothing to slow the 2011 version of the 'Big Red Machine,' as the Orioles allowed 10 Cincinnati runs. Baltimore falls to 34-40 overall, with 4 games remaining in June. The O’s need to win 3 of those games to have a winning Month.

    The Good:

    1) In the 1st, Adam Jones homered for the 3rd time in the last 4 games. Jones would walk in the 5th, and had a good slide into 2nd trying to avoid an O's double play.

    2) Wieters' throw out of Stubbs at 3rd in the 2nd inning was something to see. Stubbs is a good athlete with plus speed, but Wieters just delivers strikes with an extremely quick release.

    2a) Wieters tied the game at 4, with a homer to the O's bullpen in the 4th.

    3) After the Reds grabbed a 4-1 lead in the 3rd, Markakis ate right into that lead with a 2 run homer in the bottom-half of the inning. Two hits for Markakis tonight, as his hit streak has reached 15 games.

    4) Reynolds had 2 walks in the game, giving him 19 walks in back-to-back months. Had a nice straight steal to get into scoring position in the 4th.

    5) Hardy gave the O's their 4th homer of the night with his 10th homer of the year in the 7th.

    The Bad:

    1) In the 1st, Guerrero had had an infield single, followed by a ground rule double from Scott. This left runners at 2nd and 3rd with 2 outs, and the O's in need of an additional hit to get two extra runs. Lee followed with a strikeout, unable to get the needed hit after playing the hero last night.

    2) Hardy ended the 4th by hitting into a double play.

    3) Markakis singled, and Jones walked to start the 5th, followed by Guerrero bouncing into a double play.

    4) Bergesen's homerun allowed to Rolen was made worse by the walk to Votto. O's scored on Hardy's homer in the 7th, and Bergesen gave 2 runs right back in the 8th.

    The Ugly:

    1) It was a poor outing from Matusz tonight, but I think the velocity issue is overblown. In Matusz' 4 June starts before tonight, his average 2 seam fastball was 87, his average 4 seam fastball was 87.2. In his last 10 starts of 2010, his average 2 seamer was 89.2, his average 4 seam fastball was 89.4. In his last start his average 2 seam fastball was 87.3, and his average 4 seam fastball was 87.6. Yes, that is a drop from what he showed at the end of last year, but saying he is obviously injured is hyperbole. I think his velocity was at that level again tonight. To me his problems were more about location and pitch selection. We will confirm with Pitch F/X tomorrow. For the night, Matusz pitched 4.2 innings, allowing 9 hits, 6 er, 3 hr, 1 bb, with 5 k's.

    1a) The Orioles had tied the game at 4 in the 4th on the Wieters homer. Was irritating seeing Matusz give it right back with a double to Phillips, and a 2nd homer allowed to Votto to begin the 5th.

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