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    O's offense is emerging

    Coming into today, the Baltimore Orioles were ranked 9th in the Majors in Batting Average, 10th in On-Base %, and 11th in Slugging %. With a 7-5 victory today, the O's (35-40) offensive numbers only improved further.

    Basically the offense is developing into the above-average unit we expected them to be when the season began. Even with Roberts out, the lineup is getting contributions up and down the order.

    Hardy entered today with a .923 OPS, and has had 13 multi-hit games in June.

    Markakis had 3 more hits today, and has raised his average to .277. While we would still like to see some additional power, and the walks we are used to seeing; he has raised his OPS roughly 90 points since June 8th.

    Jones has 28 xbh's, and after a .853 OPS in May, entered today with an OPS over .900 in June.

    Since the 17th in Washington, Lee has 5 multi-hit games, and has now homered twice in the last three games.

    Reynolds has a career OPS of .816, and after his 14th homer today, his season mark will be close to his career average. For the second straight month, he has had 19 walks.

    Obviously there is still room for improvement as well.

    After 9 xbh's in 73 ab's during April, Wieters has had just 11 xbh's in the 160 ab's since. However, after 2 doubles, and a homer this weekend - perhaps an increase in production is around the corner.

    Scott will have to continue to deal with the labrum, and it remains to be seen if he will be able to get hot over an extended period of time. Last year he had 4 seperate months of an OPS over .900. Heading into today, his 2011 OPS was just .734. Similar to Wieters, he had a double yesterday, and homer today, so maybe he can begin to pick things up.

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