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    Thoughts on the Hardy Extension

    The Baltimore Sun announced today that a contract extension had been reached between JJ Hardy and The Baltimore Orioles:


    I am very pleased by these developments. In a perfect world, you might have wanted to avoid a 3rd year, and a limited no-trade clause; but the overall dollars ($22-$22.5M) is very reasonable.

    I was looking to see what happened with Hardy as a barometer for the Orioles in general. If he had been traded, I think there was an argument to be made for completely starting over and moving Jones, and or Markakis. With Hardy signed, you can reasonably state the O’s have positive answers at C, RF, CF, SS, and 3rd. We will see over these remaining 72 games if Reimold, Roberts, and Scott can make us feel better about LF, 2nd, and DH. Pretty clearly 1st is going to have to be addressed from outside the organization, unless the O's plan on moving Reynolds across the diamond and pursuing another option at 3rd.

    Since the O’s have signed Hardy, it should galvanize the organization to augment around the legitimate positional core they have assembled. You now have to try and do everything you can do, to win with this group. That means spending the money necessary to obtain some difference making talent at positions of need (1st, front of the rotation).

    The struggles of this season do not eliminate the fact that Andy MacPhail acquired two strong pieces last off-season, that are now both multi-year options.

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