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    Dan Duquette Believes in Advanced Data

    Electronics are still not permitted in the actual dugout. Many players are advance students of the game. Electronics second nature for young

    System was originally built to handle financial data. Arm slots are now captured with trajectory

    Peterson has been installing pitching evaluation system throughout all affiliates. Advance scout can not accumulate the data.

    Field Effects cameras are now installed for million data points for new advanced fielding metrics. Video analysis of actual movement

    Each pitch is sorted and video is instantaneously available for review on iPad TTTP data is being discussed. Execute pitches. 1.1 too fast

    Many players are not using these tools. Many are embracing. Conditioning program is recommended based on Bio Data

    The lab. In God we trust. All others must have data.

    #Orioles have a 73% pitching efficiency rating. Credits this for current record. Pitching in counts of advantage.

    No curveballs on 1-1 counts. Dylan Bundy has developed a Change Up that he can throw at that count for a strike. Focusing on counts of Advantage

    1-1 count is the most important count to throw a strike. .100 point swing in batting average.

    #Orioles pitching sustainable based on use of technology. Daily pitching charts reviewed. Focus on process not outcome. #RickPeterson

    #Orioles targeting pitching on efficiency rating. Emphasis on high swing and miss outcome. Three pitch at bats.

    Batting average after a 1-0 count is within .03 of a 0-0.

    Two of the first three pitches need to be strikes or batter has distinct advantage

    Rick Peterson has made specific adjustments for Chris Tillman, Jake Arrieta, and Zach Britton based on the Biomechanics depth of pitch adjustment.

    Rick Peterson and ASMI have made specific biomechanical recommendations on existing pitchers and possible acquisitions Including last winter

    So. Now we know what Wieters has been looking to the dugout for. Pitch Sequencers based on changing scenario filters

    Bloomberg has a professional Analytics module that the #Orioles have used extensively this season to maximize results.

    Baltimore is a Technological leader in sport. Yellow line on Sunday Night Football broadcast with #Ravens

    Dan Duquette says that Bloomberg allowed the #Orioles to take advance scout off the road. Leveraged Tech allows you to win the close games.

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