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    Chris Tillman a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma

    He looks like what they look like. He throws 95 to 97 mph when he needs to late in his good starts.

    Chris Tillman has always flickered the hope, the promise, of a very top of the rotation talent. Unlike any that we have had in recent time. His stinkers are real bombs and he has evidently not pitched consecutive good starts at the major league level for quite some time. Still, his pitches look crisp and he has arisen like the Pheonix at just the right time to team with Miguel Gonzalez in righting the listing ship of the Orioles hopes. Can he do it again in five days? We don't know . But we can hope. Will he be traded, we don't know...But I sure don't want to face this guy in three years wearing another uniform. Chris is a poster child for Brady's bionic He-man's club. He is Rick Peterson's example of success in his traveling Bio-Mechanical road show. Can we trust that Chris Tillman will fullfill his promise finally this time?  We don't know.


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