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    Tony Pente on The Fan Today

    transcribed by OFFNY


    Where are the major holes in this current team???: TONY: When they acquired Feldman two weeks ago, that really solidified the rotation. And I think that the guys that we have now are the guys that we are going to ride it (the season) out with, unless somebody gets injured, or somebody really implodes. The combination of Chen coming back and the acquisition of Feldman really helped shore things up.

    We don't have a bad rotation. We don't have a top-of-the-rotation starter, but we do have 5 guys that will keep us in the game most of the time. 

    The only real hole that we have is at DH. Betemit's knee is not responding as we had hoped it would when he first had the surgery back in early March. Maybe Urrutia will be called up, and hopefully he can help us more than what we've been getting with Reimold and Dickerson.

    What do you think about Tampa Bay and Boston in the 2nd Half of the Season?: TONY: Tampa Bay's pitching staff is really good. I think that THEY are probably the team to beat. There isn't one pitcher in their starting rotation that you really feel good about facing when you play them. Pitching wise, I think that the Rays are the best team in the division. They always seem to have JUST ENOUGH offense to get them through, also. They aren't a flash in the pan. They'll be there at the end, like have been every year since 2008. 

    With the Red Sox, everyone has been waiting all season for their wheels to fall off, and it hasn't happened. I think that they'll be right there at the end of the season also, but Tampa Bay concerns me a little bit more.

    If and when Urrutia gets called up, who is the odd man out? If nobody gets injured, where does he fit in ?: TONY: If Brian Roberts is going to be playing 2nd base regularly for the rest of the season, then I think that that opens up a hole at DH. That (DH) is where I see him fitting in. Maybe Dickerson is the guy that has to go if and when Urrutia gets called up. He (Dickerson) is a solid 4th outfielder defensively, but he hasn't done much on offense since his 2 HR game against the Yankees almost 2 months ago.

    The All-Star Game: TONY: The home run derby is such a boring event. It's so monotonous. I suggest that they play it like a simulated game, and use pitching machines. It would be much more interesting that way. The pitchers for the derby were horrible. I think it's goofy to give home field advantage for the World Series to the team of the league that wins this game.

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