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    vatech1994 Addresses Selection Bias

    Based on the last time I looked
    - RISP: 4th in league
    - Sac Fly %: 3rd in league
    - Getting run home from 3rd with nobody out: 4th in league

    Just this week, the team has come back in the following situations:
    1) Game 1 against the Sox, down 2-0 after 4, came back to win 3-2, handed Koji the first run and loss in over a month

    2) Game 2 against the Sox, down 2-0, won 5-3 in 12 innings

    3) Game 1 against the Rays, down 3-0 after 4, up 4-3 in 7th, did it against Price

    The hitters are horribly slumping. They look completely beat down. Despite all of that, they have come back in 3 of the last 5 games against play-off teams.

    By the way, during this same period, the Red Sox "failed" with the bases loaded and nobody out, the Rays "failed" with the bases loaded in extra innings, and there have been several other "failures" in tight situations by these play-off teams. Are they small too?

    RISP Game 1: Sox 0-4, Orioles 0-6
    RISP Game 2: Sox 1-7, Orioles 3-9
    RISP Game 3: Sox 2-9, Orioles 0-0
    RISP Total: Sox 3-20, Orioles 3-15

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