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    Tony Pente Interviewed on 105.7 The Fan

    OFFNY did the transcription


    CHRIS TILLMAN: . TONY: . Is Tillman is an ace ??? He obviously is the ace of Orioles. Because of the fact that he doesn't put up those rotisserie stats, while people claim that that is not ace, but I don't believe that. Tillman has become become THAT GUY over the last year and-a-half. As of now, he is the ONLY ONE who has come through as a starter from the Cavalry, so he is plenty good enough, has been plenty good enough, and as far as I'm concerned, he is an ace/the ace of the staff

    CHRIS DAVIS: . TONY:. I'm not overly concerned about the fact that Davis has not hit any home runs yet. He is not going to hit 50-Plus home runs every year. Over the second half of last season, his home run pace slowed down. He is probably going to settle into a 28-35-type home run guy. The thing to remember about Davis is that HE WILL GO TO THE OPPOSITE FIELD, take what is give him on pitches outside, so his offense has been (and will continue) to be a lot more valuable than simply the number of home runs that he hits. It's a long season, so by year's end,I am certain that he will be somewhere between 28 and 35 home runs.

    DELMON YOUNG:. TONY: . Young has shown that he can make contact, and he's hitting the ball well TO ALL FIELDS. Buck likes the type of guy in the 2 hole that can really drive the ball, as opposed to the bunter type of player. That' s why he had J.J. Hardy there (in the 2-hole) for so long. And with David lough struggling, I think that Young will be getting A LOT of playing time early on.

    EARLY STRUGGLES OF THE PITCHING STAFF: . TONY: . Coming into this year, there were so many questions about the starting rotation. Jimenez is traditionally a slow starter, he'll get better as the season progresses. Gonzalez, after a really bad first outing against the Tigers and came right back to have one of his typical "battling" outings against the Yankees. He got touched for a couple of solo home runs early on, but hung in there to give us a good 6 innings on only 85 pitches, and a chance to win the game. It was vintage Miguel Gonzalez. I'm pretty confident that Chen will come around. 21 hits in 10.67 innings so far is obviously too much, but he hasn't walked anyone, either. I don't think that we should read to much into his early struggles so far, unless it continues for an extended period of time, which I don't think it will. Bud Norris, a 2-pitch pitcher, he is just going to have to perform better, it's really that simple. Gausman is going to be coming up probably sometime mid-season. I'm a little surprised that Gausman is on a pitch-count limit this season. Once he (Gausman) gets stretched out, they will be looking at add him to the rotation, so Norris is going to have to pitch better, or he will be on the outside looking in.

    MANNY MACHADO: . TONY: . When Machado comes back, somebody obviously is going to be the odd man out. I think that it depends on who is hot. Flaherty and Schoop are on the bubble. If it's a tie, then I that think that Schoop will probably go down to AAA-Norfolk. Flaherty is very good AT THREE POSITIONS defensively, so I think that will be a deciding factor in keeping him up here (with the Orioles.) Machado may not be back until mid-May though, because he has not even started any baseball activities yet. 

    JONATHAN SCHOOP: . TONY: . Schoop is excellent defensively. He can handle 2nd base for now. He moves well enough. He is so large, he doesn't look like he can move well, but he really can. The question for the future is, will he still be able to move that well when he is about 27 or 28 years-old ??? I suspect that he won't be able to, and therefore I don't think that he will be able to handle 3rd base as his primary position then (in about 5 or 6 years from now.)

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