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    Carllamy Went to the Game Today

    by Carllamy

    Adam Jones could have had a bunt hit every time at bat. I can't believe how far back the 3rd baseman was playing him, even after he got two infield hits.

    The ball Wieters hit for an RBI to right center would have been a homerun if the weather was warmer. It really died in flight.

    I was watching Lombardozzi at on the basepath before his steal. The way he was standing the pitch before when he wasn't going, and the pitch when he ran, you could see a difference. I can't tell you what it was, but you knew he was going before he actually ran. After the ball was thrown into center field and he got up everybody started yelling "don't run" because it looked like he would be out by a mile trying for third, and then he cruised into third without a throw. 

    They've changed the graphics a little on the main scoreboard, and the ads on it. PNC Bank finally got rid of Cal waving to the crowd. Last year, some of the ad space around the stadium was still the O's advertising themselves. This year every space is rented. Improved income for the O's.

    I bought my ticket and didn't have to pay a "day of game" charge. When they went to this new pricing system they eliminated the "day of game" charge. I verified this with the woman at the window. She also said that the new system seemed a little odd to her, because some ticket prices went down, as she described it, "a lot."

    I walked all the way around the stadium top and bottom. Nothing seemed new, either with food choices or aesthetics. The seats down the left field foul line appear to me to be much more angled toward the diamond than before. I asked an Usher if the O's had done anything to the seats in the off season. He said nope, they have been angled as they are for years, but I swear I never noticed them to be angled so far to the right. But maybe I just missed it in the past.

    They have a bunch of necktie choices at the stadium store, for those like me who like to buy O's neckties. They sold out early last year. I had to buy a tie on line.

    Flaherty looks good at third in person. And the fans appreciate his defense, applauding his good work. When he fielded the ball late in the game and threw home to force the runner, he made a good call (I don't think they could have gotten a double play) and it was more difficult than a routine play.

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