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    How Does Tommy Hunter Improve Against Left-handed Batters?

    by CA-ORIOLE


    Making better pitches and being smarter should be the major part of the plan. In the case with Rasmus it would have been smarter to pitch Rasmus low and away to minimize the chance of a HR there. I think that is what Clevenger wanted to do, but apparently Tommy decided he wanted to go up and away and got burned. Tommy has to be smarter than that and apparently he has been talked to about that specific situation. Tommy can get LHB's out by locating his cutter and other pitches. He had actually given Rasmus two decent curveballs before the FB for the HR. Quite frankly Tommy Hunter just doesn't have great secondary pitches for LHB's. We probably can't count on him improving his CH or developing a splitter. It is what it is. 


    He has to be smarter and locate better. That's it. I'm pretty sure that's the plan and if he executes that plan I think he can be better than last year and minimize the damage from HR's against LHB's. DD called this out specifically as something TH needs to work on in an interview the other day. I'm quite confident the organization has some sort of a plan here and we're not just letting Tommy Hunter go into this year blindly. We will see.


    Command in the strike zone matters and Hunter has issues in that regards. I still think he can improve (maybe significantly, but certainly marginally) on last year’s performance against LHB's though.  Particularly the HR's allowed.

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