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    Poster Jonesy10 Talks Flaherty and Lough

    Flaherty's walk% and k% have been trending positively each year he's been in the bigs. This year he's walking over 8% of the time while striking out less than 20% of the time, which is very good. His batted ball distribution also shows growth. He has a 24.5 LD%, which again is very good. He's hitting a lot more grounders this year too, which when coupled with the solid LD%, should lead to a decent BABIP. Instead it's at .240. He probably does need to hit a tad more fly balls though since he has pretty good power. He also plays outstanding defense. I think he can be a .250/.320/.450 guy. I really do. 

    Lough also has an extremely low BABIP at .205. It's never been below .275 at any level and was over .320 last year with KC. He is hitting way too many fly balls though considering he lacks power and has great speed. That's not the norm for him. I think he's just struggling but will snap out of it. He also plays outstanding defense and adds much needed speed to the team. Probably can be a .260/.300/380 guy that is incredible defensively, which isn't bad for a #9 hitter. 

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