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    ChrisP Recaps Game One from the Field at the K

    I was at the game tonight and at Kauffman stadium for the first time. 
    Game temp was 56 and ended at 48. It was COLD with the Kansas wind blowing.

    Walking up to the entrance in all Orange, an older guy in Orioles gear greeted us. He was greeting all Orioles fans. He said he used to play for them and would be at all 4 games. He walked away just as quick and I didn't even get to ask him name. I'll look for him tomorrow and try to get a name...

    Thoughts on Kauffman:
    I got Upper deck seats off ticketzoom for $5. We were right above the press box, but the windows were shut. They may have been able to hear my boys yelling for the Orioles anyway..I know its an older stadium, but I liked Houston and Atlanta much better. The nicest part was the Royals HOF in Left Field. It was free and had a lot of cool items (1985 WS trophy), Gordon's Gold Glove, Cy Young's, etc. For Brett, 3154 baseballs shaped in the number 5. Overall, real classy thing. 

    The game:
    It was nice to see Nick stay locked in. He really hustled to beat the throw to 2nd and stop a DP. They didn't want to test his arm from RF when they had the chance..

    I saw a thread already, but Davis looks like he's trying to hit it to the moon on every swing. First and second with no out in a one run game...That was tough to watch.

    I thought Clevenger did a good job tonight. The ball sounds different coming off his bat. It sounds like he's squares everything up. 

    The left side of our infield ..not a lot left to say. Manny took a slow roller that went foul and fired it to first while stepping over the foul line..perfect and effortless. Hardy's arm is awesome as well. It is fun to watch them in person. 

    Flaherty and Lough seem like automatic outs. I'm ready to move on from both.

    Hard to tell from 423 much about his pitches, but he saved a run backing up the plate. I know it's little league, but he was ready. 

    O'Day and Britton..Solid. Danny V. gave Britton a battle, but he wasn't giving in.

    Not real in-depth on the game itself, but it's a nice place to go if you have the chance.

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