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    Isn't this the team that many asked for?

    by wildcard

    Prior to 2007 many fans said what the O's needed to do was to put together a young team and let it grow together. Guess what? Its here. The average age of the 26 players most likely to make the team this year is 27.7 years old.

    There are complaints that the O's haven't added any talent but over the last year the O's have added two #1 draft choices from outside the organization. Hunter who is fighting for the rotation spot and Antonielli who will compete for the 2B or 3B job.

    They never add international talent is one of the complaints. Now the O's have Chen and Wada competing for rotation spots.

    Fans say where is the leadoff hitter? But many say Markakis can do that job.

    Others look for a clean up hitter. Isn't that what Wieters was signed to be and didn't he hit 22 HRs last year. Now the O's have acquired a backup catcher that Buck has faith in so Wieters can get more at bats by DHing some. Maybe Wieters is due for another jump in offensive production at 25/26 years old.

    Trying to get out of last place isn't easy in the AL East but there is talent on this team and maybe now with many of the young players having some major league experience is the time that the O's become a winning team.

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