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    Time to re-align the starting staff

    by wildcard

    Getting the Opening Day Starter lined up

    The starter that pitches in the April 6th Opener will pitch 5 days before that on April 1st. To align to be ready for that Buck will probably have the Opening Day starter pitch this coming turn on Tuesday, March 27th (5 days before April 1st). Buck probably does not want to wait until the final turn to re-align because adjusting the pitchers routine may cause a few control problems. Chen is currently lineup up to pitch the 27th but I don't think Chen makes his first start in the majors on Opening Day. So watch for who pitches on March 27th if you want a big hint for who is the Opening Day Starter.

    One reason why Tillman and Eveland may have pitched one inning.

    Prue speculation on my part but the reason that Tillman and Eveland pitched one inning may be so they could fill in starts while the starters re-align. Arrieta pitches on Sat March 24th. But there are two days before the March 27th when the rotation starts again. I think Tillman and Eveland may pitch on March 25th and 26th. Pruely a guess on my part but it fits. Wada is not included in this because the O's probably do not want to disrupt him pitching every 5 days until they have to.

    Here is where we part company

    So who is the Opening Day starter and what is the pitching order. I know most will not agree with me but I think Matusz has out pitched all the starters and will get the Opening Day start. He will not be followed by a lefty so I say the order is Hammel, Chen, Hunter and the 5th starter is one of Arrieta, Wada or Eveland depend on how 1) Arrieta pitches tomorrow, and 2) followed by how Wada progresses.

    So there it is. My best guess at what happens to the starting staff over the next two weeks. What say you?


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