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    Neyer: "They just needed him not to be bad" Clubhouse Confidential: Jeter vs Ripken

    by justD

    I watched this episode yesterday, was hoping they could lend some rationality to the "Is Jeter overrated?" discussion. I liked what I heard, even though part of me still wanted the range values to hold more weight in these guys' minds.

    The comparison is over a 14-year period in each of their careers.

    In leading up to the two interviews with Rob Neyer and Larry Bowa, Brian (the host) ended up choosing Ripken based on Cal being a "defensive giant," even with the lesser offensive numbers. [He does also note that Cal's best offensive year, he had an 11.0 WAR...nice.]

    So here's Rob Neyer's interview first. My favorite lines? "They just needed him not to be bad." and "I'd have to dismiss modern defensive statistics [to pick Jeter] and I just can't do that."

    And then, here's Larry Bowa. It's all about how they cut the grass.

    Watch the videos, add your perpective here.

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