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    HHP: Roy Firestone Speaks Out - Miscues and Yankees

    by Roy Alan Firestone

    Is it me or do Oriole coembacks seem to include some miscue from the other team?

    The dropped fly ball in Chicago opened up the gates for the extra inning win over
    the White Sox. On Saturday night it is an overthrown ball by the catcher, along with
    the misplayed ball in centerfield. Today its two balls thrown away in the ninth.
    Of course, not all of the rallies begin this way, but it often seems like some flukey
    thing happens to open the door. The Orioles take advantage of that opportunity and
    for that they must get credit, but it often seems like the door must be opened for
    them.In the past, it was the Orioles that opened the door for the opposition. Lets
    hope the trend continues this way.I think everyone in the Orioles corner knows that the next 10 days will tell us alot more about the quality of this years team.But so far, this team looks much much better than a year ago.

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