• May

    Near the point where ending the 14-year run is likely?

    by Jon Wilt (DrungoHazewood)

    The Orioles are 24-14 through 38 games. That's a 102-win pace.

    In order to finish at .500 or better for the first time since 1997 they need to win 57 more games, out of 124. That's 57-67, or a 74-win pace.

    Prior to the year I thought the O's were a 70-ish win team. Given their performance so far I think you have to bump that up a few games.

    So I think that today I'd give them about a 50/50 shot at having at least a .500 record in 2012.

    Disclaimer: Does not account for the fact that the O's are cursed by the gods. If anyone spots Jason Grimsley all bets are off.

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