Something I like about Matt Wieters

Of course, I love his bat and his glove and his outstanding talent, a talent I hope

continues to grow and I hope he becomes a fixture for the Orioles for

years to come.

But there is a very small, almost intangible quality to him I really like.

This guy is not ever too high or low. He isn’t a quote machine or a quipster,

but that is more than ok to me.

I like the fact that Matt always comes off the same, kind of soft

spoken and matter of fact and measured. He may not be on anyone's interview

list right now, but I get an idea that there is a lot more beneath the surface that he

doesn’t show. He seems supremely confident without being brash, he appears to

keep his emotions always in check and is the kind of leader that they used to say

"Walks softly and carries a big stick".

I am really liking this ballplayer. He is the strong, silent type. In an era where

humility is taking a beating, where all kinds of celebrities, not just athletes seem

bent on self promotion and overindulgence, this guy just goes about his business

and gets the job done.

Very well I might add.

He also loves dogs.

What’s not to love about this guy?