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    HHP: Roy Firestone Speaks Out About Risky Behavior

    by Roy Alan Firestone

    Grienke? A very risky move

    Talked with a leading agent at the O's- Angels game tonight. He thinks that Garza would be a better fit for Baltimore because of his contrct status(he's signed through next year with an option), but if the Orioles make the bold(and risky) move for Grienke, they would get a TOR starter but the increased pressue to have to sign him right away. The agent told me that there is usually a 48 hour negociating window and the risk is that the trade is made and the long term deal cant be reached. That of course, means that thr Orioles will have given up some solid talent for a rental and the real possibility that Grienke will test the market..and NO COMPENSATION if he does.

    Would the Orioles be willing to risk losing an Arrieta or Matusz plus a Schoop(here I am speculating) and maybe Stroup too for the want of temporary ace? With Roberts injury, you'd have to think that Schoop becomes even more of an insurance policy long term too,though there are other second baseman available in trades or waiver pick ups.

    I think the O's must proceed very cautiously on this one. D.D. told me(no secret) that the Orioles are looking to upgrade their pitching. Odd thing is, as bad as some of the pitching has looked, suddenly you have the possibility of a resurgence with perhaps Tillman AND Gonzalez, and possibly Britton, not to mention an option of Matusz, Jake, or Hunter as a"comeback" story.(Matusz took a step in the right direction Friday). I think the Orioles have alot of decisions to make and you will hear about them very soon.Its unlikely they will stand pat during the deadline.

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