• Jul

    Roy Firestone Speaks Out About Fastballs, Buck, and Matusz

    by Hangout Staff

    Buck told Matusz to throw 30 straight fastballs in his minor league "adjustment"

    Dont know if anyone read the game account of the Matusz start on Friday, but Buck gave him strict orders to throw only fastballs in the first 30 pitches. No change ups and no off speed anything or curves.
    Apparently at first Matusz was all over the place, but he seemed to settle down and then proceeded to pitch like he did more than 6 weeks ago when he was in a good rhythm...whatever he did seemed to work. But the Orioles will keep him down there for at least a few weeks to work out whatever problems he has. They were very
    pleased..but still very skeptical so he will not be up anytime soon.

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