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    HHP: Duquette's offensive acquisitions: .243/.306/.381, but they aren't the problem

    by Frobby

    I am including the following players who Duquette brought in (in descending order by number of at bats): Betemit, Chavez, Flaherty, Johnson, Pearce, Paulino, Tolleson, Thome, Exposito and Hall. Together they have 691 at bats, 775 plate appearances and have hit .243/.306/.381. That compares to the team line of .240/.302/.402.

    For what it's worth, the players we replaced from last year's roster (Vlad, Lee, Scott, Pie, Tatum, Fox, Izturis, Snyder, Florimon, Angle, Bell and Hudson) had an OBP of about .294 and an OPS of about .655 last season, in 1,777 plate appearances. So, I guess you can say that the players Duquette added have performed better than the guys they replaced

    On the other hand, the players who remain from last year's team had a .319 OBP and a .759 OPS last season. So far this year they have an OBP of .301 and an OPS of .709.

    So, for this year's team to improve its offensive performance in the second half, it's mostly the "incumbent" players who need to pick up the pace.


    Note - in doing these calculations, I included in the 2011 "incumbent" figures any position players who are still with the organization, whether or not they have appeared in the majors this year (e.g., Ryan Adams), and I included in the 2012 "incumbent" figures any position players who were in the organization last year even if they did not appear in the majors last year (e.g., Xavier Avery). I also did not make any adjustments to account for the pitchers who have come and gone and may have had a few at bats.

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