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    HHP: Mr. Firestone Goes to Baltimore

    by Roy Alan Firestone

    I just want to say that no matter the outcome of the next 6 games and hopefully
    beyond, this has been the season where the culture of the Baltimore Orioles has
    changed. Nobody's doormat, laughing stock, or pushover, this franchise made huge
    gains this year and I believe with a few additions next year, and NOT an overhaul 
    like in years past, this will be a contending team for years to come.
    I want to thank Dan Duquette, who can relate to the rejected, unwanted, under
    exposed players he helped acquire, because, in fact, he was in a kind of professional
    exile himself for the last decade. Great job, Dan.
    And to the players and coaches and manager, you have every reason to be proud of
    what you did and what you represented this year. You won with heart, guts,
    confidence and no matter what any detractors may try and say, a great deal of talent.
    Its fitting that this is the Brooks Robinson weekend, though it didnt start out this
    way. Brooks represents the Orioles when they were most dominant. He also
    personifies, class, integrity, honor and excellence.
    The Orioles should only hope to equal what he represents every time they put on the uniform.
    I'll have some heartfelt words to say about Brooks on Saturday when the statue is
    officially unveiled. Its about 20 years too late, but the park will now be graced with
    his image forever and may it stand as a constant reminder of what is good and
    great about baseball and what could be good and great about the Baltimore Orioles.
    God speed Orioles! I'm with you all the way. I hope to see a ton of you join me too.

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