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    HHP: Paul Coates Recaps Dan Duquette on XM

    by paulcoates


    1) Duquette doesn't understand how Gomes can go from 1mm last year to 5mm in Boston as a part time DH. "Those kind of economics don't work in Baltimore"
    2) We will be active in the free agent market
    3) Likes Casilla. Switch hitter, good arm, speed, good defender
    4) On Trayvon - switch hitter, real good speed, power potential
    5) On Reynolds, we turned down an 11 mm option on him.  We could bring him back, but if not we have in house options
    6) We have told clubs we are looking for a 1b, LF, or DH, and one that would preferably be a MOO bat
    7) Really wants to see what Urrutia can do
    8) When pressed on Greinke and Hamilton, he said that he wouldn't count us out of it, but the value for us is in the draft.  Again reiterated that the economics in Baltimore don't work for us as big time spenders in FA
    9) When asked about our rotation he seemed to say that our first four guys are Tillman, Chen, hamel and Gonzalez. 
    10) Then we have Britton and Steve Johnson "who other teams like"
    11) We are going to look for more pitching because you can never have enough
    12) On Gonzalez, outstanding control and two plus pitches.  Pitched great again the Yankees. 
    13) Tillman won 17 games last year. Pitched like a TOR lasTtyear
    14) McLouth - real good last couple months for us and we want him back.  Buck likes him.  He would be a good complement to Reimold
    15) What is it like working for Angelos - viewership was up over 50% on our network.  Peter wants nothing more than to give the fans a good team to root for.  He was engaged with the team.  The 18 game affair in Seattle had over 60k viewers at 4am when the game went over. Said he talked to Angelo's the next day to tell him he wanted to bring a pitcher up and Angelo's said he should have called him after the game was over as he stayed up to watch it himself. He was loving the fact of being in NY for the playoff games
    16) Buck and Peter are old pros
    17) When asked about marlins trade, it's a real interesting trade.  Backloaded a lot of contracts and it didn't work and they dismantled it.  BJ's paid a fair price in the young players they gave up.  They spent a lot of money, but they have put people on notice that they want to win. Duq thinks that the way they Marlins work is a viable way of winning in today's game
    18) We know who we are in .baltimore and we know what we can support
    19) Chris Davis had a breakout year.  Apparently he is up for a Gibbs award
    20) Machado is up for a Gibbs award for play of the year against TB
    21) We are not going to spend 175 mm to get into contention
    22) We will get some more Casilla and Robinson type players in the coming weeks
    23) Bundy came along in his development of his change up last year.  Doesn't know where he will start this year
    24) Gausman has an excellent sinker, top notch change up and advanced control.  Both have a chance to help our team next year


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