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    HHP: Tony on 105.7 The Fan 4/10

    by OFFNY

    Ayala Trade: TONY: We really wanted to keep McFarland, as the Orioles liked what they saw in him. We were trying to find a way to keep him. Ayala was the only guy in the bullpen that didn't have a defined role when the season began. Chris Jones has sink, and a good groundball-to-flyball ratio. We weren't going to get much more than him for Ayala at this point, so if Jones works out well for us eventually, that's (for the most part) a bonus.

    DH Position: TONY: We have really struggled at DH the last few years, except for when Chris Davis was in that slot last year. Losing Reimold due to injuries for the past few years has hurt us a lot. Nolan is probably going to be the guy until Betemit comes back. Dickerson will probably get some opportunities. It's not just the DH that isn't hitting, though. Almost the entire whole lineup has been struggling the last few games after our 3-1 start. 

    2nd Base: TONY: If Flaherty doesn't hit while Roberts is out, HE might be the guy that goes down to AAA. Casilla will probably get some chances to play while Roberts is out, also.

    Jonathan Schoop: TONY: He is interesting. He was a SS coming up. We figured we would try him at 3B. He is getting a BIG opportunity in AAA right now, playing SS. I think he's better off at 2B or 3B than SS. We'll see what happens with Machado (as to whether or not he stays at 3B or shifts to SS in the future.) SCHOOP HAS POWER. He could be a 25-to-30 home run guy some day. I really like the guy. I think that he will hit for power (if not for average.)

    Arrieta and Tillman: TONY: That play out in RF that Markakis didn't get a jump on it hurt Jake. If Nick makes that catch (like he might have had it been a night game, and/or if he had been playing a little deeper), Jake's numbers would have been a lot better. I think he threw a lot better than his overall numbers showed. With Tillman, his command was off. That was a large reason for his struggles that he had previous to last season. His inconsistent velocity (before 2012 and in his opening game this year) is/was due mostly to poor mechanics. WE HAVE A LOT OF DEPTH in AAA. These guys could go down to Norfolk IF they don't pitch better pretty soon.

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