Starting Pitcher: RHP Mike Wright
Fastball: 90-93, touched 95
Breaking Pitch: 81-84
Change Up: 77-79

Final Line: 3.1 IP 7 H 7 R 5 ER 2 BB 3 SO

Wright was spotted a seven run first inning by the Baysox offense, but battled his command all night and was not able to settle in before being lifted in the fourth inning. In the first inning, Wright attacked the lineup with fastballs, but struggled keeping the ball down and was granted a few loud outs. When he let his fastball dip into the high 80s, there was more arm side run than when he would run it up to 94, typically out of the zone high. Trouble began in the second inning where Wright started more hitters off with off speed pitches, but could not locate them for strikes and was constantly pitching behind. The action on Wright?s off speed pitches were a bit concerning, as neither his change up or breaking ball looked at all like an out pitch. 

Wright struggled mightily in the third inning, where more damage was done. Although he was able to get the ball down more consistently, he still was catching too much plate with his pitches and not missing many barrels. The error charged to the shortstop that resulted in two unearned runs was a line drive to his left that was scalded and glanced off his glove. Wright continued to rely on his off speed stuff but was not nearly consistent enough to do so. The velocity held with his fastball, but he seemed reluctant to challenge hitters with it early in the count. Prior to the home run, Wright threw his best breaking pitch of the night for a strike out that began in the zone around the knees and darted in the dirt. The homerun was hit out backside by a right-handed hitter and was well struck but likely also wind aided. 

I came away from this outing a little disappointed in Wright especially based on the previous scouting reports that I?d heard. The velocity is certainly there, but the command and action on the baseball were both poor. Neither secondary pitch was thrown with purpose and if anything were only useful as show pitches. Mechanically, Wright has good timing in the full wind up, but does not generate much leverage with his considerable height. Extension for Wright comes more from having a loose arm rather than a long stride or an aggressive finish. Out of the stretch Wright was a mess. He looked rushed despite being slow to the plate and struggled to repeat his delivery. 

Other Observations:
-Wright's performance stings a bit more given that New Britain had no players in their lineup hitting over .300 and only 1 position player listed in their top 20 prospects (Daniel Santana who went 1-5)

-Tim Bascom sat between 87-91, nothing overly impressive, but he seemed to throw a heavy ball that the New Britain hitters couldn't square up. He kept the ball down, trusted his fastball, and had a good outing in long relief.

-Jason Gurka sat from 89-91 and mechanically looks very similar to Troy Patton. He has a shoulder tilt in his delivery that likely makes him very deceptive to left handed hitters and his off speed pitch made the left handed hitters look awful. In his second inning, he struggled to defend himself against the right handed hitters and they began to make better contact.

-New Britain's starter Tom Stuifbergen earned a few brownie points from me for how he responded to the unsightly 7 run first. He sat from 86-88 and hit 90, but did not display premium velocity.

-This was my first time seeing Henry Urrutia and to those who have not seen him in person, let me provide this quick disclaimer, he is not Yasiel Puig. Where Puig is built like a linebacker, Hank is much more like a wide receiver. Urrutia was aggressive in every at bat early in the counts and did a good job cutting down his swing with two strikes. I was particularly struck with how quickly his bat went from the launch position to contact. I would like to see a bit more extension after contact, but the natural ability is clearly there to get to pitches on the inner half. Also had him at a 4.5 home to first. 

-Urrutia threw one runner out at the plate and it should have been two. On his first throw, where the runner made it safely, it seemed like Urrutia didn't think the runner was going to go and he didn't put himself in a good position to get a throw off while ranging toward the foul line. The throw also would have likely been in time had the catcher Martinez let it get deeper towards the plate. He missed a swipe tag.

-Ty Kelly looked like Ty Kelly. Very simple approach at the plate and looked identical on each side. He clearly has a good idea of who he is as player. He got out of the box well on every contact and didn't try to do too much on his swings.