• Jul

    HHP: At Bats with Runners On Base

    by ShoelesJoe As of right now here are the numbers of Oriole ABs with runners on base this season: Jones -- 169 Machado -- 151 Markakis -- 149 Hardy -- 138 Davis -- 122 Wieters -- 114 People keep defending Showalter's lineup by claiming we're scoring enough runs as it is, but is that really a good argument? If batting Davis 3rd or 4th over the rest of the season would translate into an additional 10 or 20 runs scored shouldn't the team make that move? Right now we're in 2nd place in the ultra tight AL East, 3 games ahead of TB in the Wild Card race, and only 5.5 games ahead of the surging Blue Jays. Are we so rich and confident that we can afford to leave potential runs on the field? Or should we be scrapping for every run we can get? 10 extra runs could boost us ahead of Boston. 10 lost runs could put us in 4th place. Don't know about you guys, but I've spent too much of my life watching other organization laughing at us, and I want every run and every win I can lay my hands on.

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