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    O's - Tampa preview

    by Frobby

    Hammel (7-8, 5.12) v. Price (8-8, 3.42)
    Gonzalez(?)(10-7, 3.92) v. Cobb (9-3, 3.02)
    Feldman (5-4, 3.51) v. Hellickson (11-9, 5.23)
    Chen (7-7, 4.03) v. Archer (9-7, 3.02)

    Let's not sugar-coat this, the Rays have a distinct advantage in 3 of the 4 pitching matchups. The main thing the Orioles have going for them is that Tampa's offense has been in a deep slump for about two months now. In September, they have a .704 OPS and have averaged 3.28 runs/game; in August, they had a .707 OPS and averaged 3.42 runs/game. From an OPS point of view, our offense has been no better than theirs in September (.701), but we are averaging 4.00 runs/game.

    We are 6-9 against the Rays this year, 3-3 at the Trop.

    My feeling is that it would take a near miracle to beat Tampa 3 of 4 in the series, which is what we really need to do. But, Tampa has not played well over the last 6-7 weeks (17-24) and we just have to hope that we catch fire a little bit and their struggles continue. I think we'll see some low-scoring games and hopefully our pitchers can hold up their end.

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