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    HHP: Frobby transcribes Dan Duquette

    by Hangout Staff

    - A lot of payroll is going to core players due for raises.

    - Took payroll from $82 mm to close to $100 mm in the last 2 years (implied we won't see a big increase this year).

    - Acquiring Weeks does not necessarily mean Roberts won't be signed.

    - Likes our returning rotation better than in the past, thinks we'll get a contribution from Gausman during the season, also mentions Wright, but would like one more starter (probably not someone high priced though).

    - Going after Tanaka "not realistic for the Orioles."

    - Most important factor in being a consistent contender is the player development system, and the team spends as much as it can on the major league team while still doing what it needs to do to build player development.

    - Believes we'll see some fruits of this in 2014. The $10 mm saved on JJ will go to player acquisitions (but not necessarily someone who will make a big splash).

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