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    HHP: RZNJ "Let the competitions begin, DH, 4th outfielder, backup infielder"

    by RZNJ

    All of the signs point to these positons being virtually set heading in to ST

    1B Davis

    2B Flaherty

    SS Hardy

    3B Machado

    C   Wieters

    LF  Lough

    CF Jones

    RF Markakis

    Flaherty and Lough are not written in stone but everything DD and Buck say point it it.   Also, I'm assuming Machado is ready for OD.

    So, lets look at the "realistic" candidates to have a shot at some part of the DH spot.

    1. Nolan Reimold

    2. Steve Pearce

    3. Delmon Young

    4. Henry Urrutia

    5. Xavier Paul

    6. Michael Almanzar

    That's 6 candidates although its hard to see Almanzar having a realistic chance of being in the mix with the other 3 righthanded hitters listed.

    Now, some of the losers from this competition could still make the team as a backup OF.    That list would include:

    1. Reimold

    2. Pearce

    3. Young

    4. Urrutia

    5. Paul

    6. Quintin Berry

    7. Julio Borbon

    8. Francisco Peguero

    9. Jimmy Paredes

    10 Jemile Weeks

    Now for backup infielder

    1. Alexi Casilla

    2. Ivan De Jesus, Jr.

    3. Cord Phelps

    4. Alex Gonzalez

    5. Jemile Weeks

    6. Jimmy Paredes

    7. Jon Schoop   (unlikely but a platoon with Flaherty is possible)


    Does Showalter want hitting ability and/or power on his bench or speed and defense?

    Speed and defense would favor Alexi Casilla at backup infielder as he has both.   Weeks and Paredes offer speed and lesser defense.

    In the outfield, Peguero, Berry, Borbon, Paredes, and Weeks all offer speed and pinchrunning capability.    

    Players who enhance their chances of getting the last bench spot by playing both infield and outfield are Weeks, Paredes, and to a lesser extent, Steve Pearce.

    Right now, it's really tough to figure how things will shake out.

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